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A christmas display for Harrods

Silhouettes of London landmarks, golden reindeer, a Christmas tree, an Advent calendar and plenty of glitz, glitter, and green injected a healthy dose of British Christmas spirit into the Q110, a Deutsche Bank branch in Friedrichstrasse, Berlin Mitte. Europe’s largest and most venerable department store, Harrods, presented itself with this mini-showcase at the “Bank Branch of the Future” from November 9th to January 29th—delighting customers and visitors alike.

The Hamburg-based agency vitamin-e came up with the concept, and the ideas were put into practice by the capable hands of the satis&fy Berlin crew. The Q110 branch was given a festive seasonal makeover with a Christmas showcase. The creative minds at the Hamburg full-service agency vitamin-e developed the ideas and layout for all graphics, silhouettes, decorative acrylic elements and an Advent calendar; satis&fy brought these designs to life.

It took a large crew of set builders, merchandisers, carpenters and painters 15 hours to transform the sales floor. Some niches for shelves were painted in the trademark Harrods green; others were decorated with digital color prints made to match the department store’s CI. The sales counter and display cases were also given a face-lift with foil laminates.

Handcrafted All the Way
Preparation for the installation certainly kept satis&fy busy. The two-meter Christmas tree and the oversized Advent calendar were crafted in the workshop of satis&fy Berlin. The Christmas tree was a custom-made steel frame, draped with 130 gold bags featuring the white Harrods lettering to add a touch of Christmas spirit. satis&fy also constructed a wall to the designed by vitamin-e to serve as an Advent calendar. To this end, the crew decorated a panel with adhesive snowflakes in gold and black. It provided the backdrop for 24 boxes of varying sizes coated in green lacquer, which were then fastened to the panel. Two fronts—one wood and one acrylic, were made for each box. When each day’s box was opened, the wood front was replaced with its opaque acrylic counterpart.

Love of Detail Evident in the Work
It was not just the sales floor that received a facelift. The display window was also decorated for the occasion with a large silhouette of the London skyline. satis&fy laminated several layers of acrylic glass to craft the silhouette of the UK’s capital city. Transparent acrylic reindeer decorated with gold foil were dangled from the ceiling. Adhesive foils with wintry themes, such as snowflakes, were applied to the windows.

To put the finishing touch on vitamin-e’s skillfully staged set, satis&fy drew inspiration from the iconic image of Harrods’ green awnings with adhesive foils printed on a cutting plotter and attached to the window panes.

satis&fy project managers Inga Gabriel and Ulrike Roehl were delighted with the set that the crew had constructed, explaining, “We succeeding in implementing everything to vitamin-e’s specifications and did our part to lend the sales floor an authentic look.”

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