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Adel Tawil's big show

Adel Tawil’s 2014 tour ended on April 14th in the Gerry Weber stadium in Halle with stunning theatrics, mesmerizing lighting effects, and a singer decked out in dazzling neon-yellow sneakers. The solo artist and recent Echo award winner’s jaunt through Germany kicked off on March 13th with the concert agency, Legend Live of Cologne, handling the promotion. Bertil Mark, JoJo Tillmann, and Justus Molthan, a group of artists collectively known as Les Urban Progessives, designed the light, stage, and video shows. The former featured no fewer than 220 moving lights.

satis&fy AG was on board to furnish the lighting, rigging, video equipment, risers, and custom builds.

A projection pyramid, two LED screens and a canopy of LED triangles over the stage fit prominently in the set designed by Mark, keeping the motto “room by room/space by space” in mind. “The projection pyramid was to be a screen showing Tawil’s personal journey and development as a musician. We aimed to do two things with the LED triangles’ partially fluorescent lighting and interesting geometry; for one, to enclose the space, and secondly, to interact with the electronic beats of the music,” says Mark, explaining the light show’s design, inspired mainly by three songs from the current album.

A joint decision was made to deliver video content to the stage using both projections and LED screens, “to be able to change perspectives at any time.” Concertgoers could see Adel Tawil up close on the LED screens while pyramid several meters tall filled with water during the song Unter Wasser (Underwater) and grew into a tree, showed the album covers of the songs mentioned in Lieder (Songs), and collapsed like a house of cards during Kartenhaus. As Mark goes on to explain, “I felt it was important to have it both ways; this and that at the same time. That’s why we didn’t skimp on the lights, colors and imagery.” This sophisticated room-by-room design succeeded in creating a distinctive space that extended out into the hall in three dimensions, height, length and width.

satis&fy delivered more than 220 fixtures equipped with Robe Pointes, SGM P5 LED Washlights, Clay Paky Sharpy Beams, Martin Mac Vipers, I-pix BB4 Washlights, I-Pix BB4 Singles, Clay Paky Sharpy Washes, Marin Mac Viper AirFXs and Martin Mac 101s, as well as two GrandMA lite and two GrandMa full-size consoles to control the lights and four three-chip DLP/DMD video Panasonic PT-DZ 21 KE projectors. The firm also furnished camera gear, Eurotruss trusses and Movecat kinetic equipment.

The crew put together 195 Black Diamond 8 LED modules to assemble two LED screens behind the stage. “However, rather than setting them up in a rectangular fashion, we arranged them horizontally to mirror the pyramid on the stage,” says satis&fy project manager Rainer ‘Enzo’ Vollmer—describing the feature that made this structure so special. A great deal of effort went into constructing the projection pyramid from rectangular aluminum bars. “1 × 1 meter squares covered in a stretch fabric were joined in a zigzag pattern and hung in front of the truss tower, which was also set up in the shape of a pyramid,” says Vollmer. The Sharpy lights, among other gear, were attached to this truss tower.

satis&fy flew the LED triangles—another a custom build—from the hall’s ceiling using Eurotruss XD trusses with four pick-points.

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Photos: Marcus Simaitis

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