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Apprenticeship in dream company

On the 1st of August, ten new apprentices started at satis&fy in Karben. Since 2001, the service provider for event and media technology as well as trade fair construction has been training its own young professionals. Currently, 59 apprentices are employed nationwide. In Karben, 28 young people are busy with their apprenticeships.

Frédéric Wiesweg is originally from Dortmund and is now becoming an event technician at satis&fy in Karben. The 19-year-old compliments the openness of his colleagues already after his first days. "I'm curious to see what I'm going to take along and learn from satis & fy over the three years.” Steven Glab from Rodgau is also being trained to become an event technician. According to his own statements, the 19-year-old, who has just completed his college entrance qualification with a focus on electrical engineering and English, has been interested in lighting and sound engineering, since the fifth grade. That’s why he is glad, to be at his dream company.  Also, Maria Henrich from Kröffelbach (municipality Waldsolms) is going to be trained for the next three years to become an event technician, which is still a very typical male-dominated profession. "We are very pleased to have hired a female trainee again," says Kai Bilges, Training Manager at satis&fy. But Marie is not alone among men, because even in the third year of apprenticeship, there is a female specialist who graduates next year. "So far we have had only positive experiences with the young women who are in training with us as an event technology specialists," says Bilges.

Young project managers of tomorrow
Also, event managers are traditionally trained at satis&fy. “The event managers are our project managers of tomorrow”, Patrick Link, responsible trainer for this special field, explains. For this job you need a high level of commercial and technical understanding, you should be able to express yourself well and you should feel comfortable in a challenging surrounding. “For this job you need a good amount of ambition and above all, you need to have social skills”, Link adds. Furthermore, good English skills are requested since satis&fy offers their young talents the possibility to experience international events with their two branches in America. Judith Mehlich (20) moved from Münster to Karben for her event manager apprenticeship. During her voluntary social year, she discovered her enthusiasm for the planning and the organization of events and is looking forward to an exciting time.

New apprenticeship positions
The company has also been offering apprenticeships for creative and artistic jobs since several years. Anika Hennig is happy that she got an apprenticeship as a designer for visual marketing. It is a rare apprenticeship on the labor market but high in demand. For this, she was willing to move from Eisenach to Nieder-Wöllstadt. Linda Büchele from Rodheim-Bieber (close to Gießen) also chose a creative job. She is being trained for the position as a media designer for sound and vision and stood up to 57 other applicants. A friend made her aware of this job. “I was directly hooked since I also love making videos with my friends in my free time”, Linda says. For the first time in Karben, a warehouse logistics specialist and an IT specialist for system integration are trained this year. Both areas are facing major changes that are particularly related to digital transformation and progressive networking. "We want to take these changes into account and secure tomorrow's skilled workers," explains Kai Bilges.

Spoilt for choice
Within the first weeks, it was possible to get a clear picture of the young talents, according to training manager Kai Bilges. “The feedback from the colleagues has been extremely good so far”. The apprentices are all described as very open-minded, friendly, polite and motivated. We’re really happy to hear that, because it confirms our first impression of them.” The choice was not easy. In total, 175 applications reached out to the company. “In the selection process, we'll see if one or the other candidate is also suitable for one of our other locations, "explains Bilges.

Karben Open Air in the hands of the apprentices
The young talents already mastered a first practical test successfully. “The new apprentices supported our apprentices from the second and third year, who were responsible for the planning and implementation of the Karben Open Air, with the set-up and dismantling”, Kai Bilges says. That does not only have a positive impact on their professional competence but also on the team spirit since they have to learn “what team work means in the everyday working life.” The Karben apprentices were actively supported by their apprentice colleagues from the other branches. In addition to the ten-young people in Karben, six trainees in Berlin, three in Werne and three trainees in Düsseldorf started their professional lives.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship in the event industry, you can now find the new vacancies on The closing date for applications is November 30th 2017.

Photos: Anna Imm Photography



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