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Drop and give me 20!

Apparently sitting is the new smoking. Isn’t that just what we needed—another vice to add to our catalog of lifestyle sins? Dwelling on it would just cloud our collective conscience; stepping on a soapbox to preach about the evils of couch potatoism just isn’t our style. Our only option: do something to offset the harmful effects of sedentary life and have some good, clean fun with coworkers while we’re at it. satis&fy staffers everywhere have never been averse to working up a sweat on the job, but now they’re even getting together on their own time to get those hearts and lungs pumping like pistons. Soccer is one of our more popular pastimes.

The Portland satis&fy crew has been bending it like Beckham since 2014 with a squad of 15 guys and gals competing in an indoor soccer league. Seeing as how the USA just won the women’s world cup, it seems appropriate that a female took the initiative to put this team together. Good going girl, but boy does the team take this competition seriously, what with a specially-designed soccer crest, matching jerseys and a professional coach. The game known as football on the other side of the pond is also played at Karben and in Berlin. The satis&fy squad in Germany’s capital city even managed to finish third and take home a surprisingly hideous trophy from a tournament staged by an entrepreneurs’ association. Until this year’s coup, the team had been known more for its rowdy fans than for its prowess on the pitch. So how did a bush league team transform itself into a real contender? By warming up for the tournament at a toasty 95 degrees Farenheit, interrupting the opponents’ flow with constant substitutions, and fielding fresh trainees unencumbered by a history of failure.

Chasing a ball is not everyone’s cup of meat; some folks at satis&fy prefer to challenge the clock. A team of 12 staffers from Karben finished 31st in the B2Run in Frankfurt; quite a respectable showing in a field of 225 teams. Werne crew members took part in the Dortmund installment of this fun run; Neuss staffers did the same in Düsseldorf. Evidently fired up by their historic third-place finish in a soccer tournament, the Berlin crew will also be off to the races in September.

Portland, however, is envied by all satis&fy offices. They have not only the biggest soccer team, but also a bona fide fitness trainer. Olga coaches said soccer squad and twice a week she’s a personal trainer for everyone on site who likes heaving and hoeing Russian-style. Her studio isn’t far, so crew members seeking to build the perfect beach body can even work out with her every day before heading over to the office. Fitness is her forte; creativity and craft are what we’re all about. In a show of quid pro quo, Olga helps us battle the bulge and we help her by doing what we do best, for instance, coming up with spiffy promo materials.

All these initiatives are puzzle pieces in the big picture of health at satis&fy. The same goes for the Karben Health Week’s nutritious meals and workshops. Folks who work hard physically or spend long hours deskbound need activities to balance the scorecard. And satis&fy is happy to help staffers get fit and ready for whatever pundits say the next new smoking will be.

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