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900 guests attended ERGO Pro’s annual kick-off event held on March 1 in the former departure terminal of Berlin-Tempelhof, the city’s famous, now defunct, airport. The annual convention and awards ceremony were planned and staged by satis&fy AG (satis&fy). The main focus of the crew’s efforts was on designing and building the set, which featured elegantly curving white elements to starkly contrast the building’s rigorously regimented architecture.

The 4,500 m2 main hall of the terminal, which authorities have designated a historical monument, is unobstructed by pillars—leaving plenty of room to get creative. However, the real challenge was planning a seamless transition from the daytime event into the evening get-together. With no pick-points available, the crew had to work with towering 10m ground supports. The set design was no less challenging—satis&fy built a custom wood frame and covered it with dyed material to create an 80 m wall standing 6.75 m at its highest point.

Working in shifts for 4 days, 10 technicians and 20 decorators assembled the prefab components. The elements were double-bolted and anchored with 10 tons of steel to ensure their structural integrity. Encompassing the oval stage and the conference seating area in front of it, this wall created a room-within-a-room vibe. Despite its epic scale, the set looked light, clean and breezy. “Even the building inspectors were speechless because the room looked completely different. They had never seen anything like it,” said satis&fy project leader Beate Jaschik.

Kicking off at noon, the day’s program offered plenty of entertainment and smooth sailing. Presenters announced appointments to the Premium Club, introduced the executive board, honored the best salespeople, and presented the new competitions. Sports show host Andrea Kaiser emceed the show, which featured presentations and speeches by the executive board, management and guest speakers as well as video clips that four projectors beamed onto a 12-by-3.5m screen.

The technical highlight was a massive, movable monolith 5m high and 17m wide. A room divider during the day—it was pushed aside to open the main hall after a one-hour intermission to gear up for the evening. The crowd danced the night away to New City Beats’ infectious grooves before taking off from a most satisfying evening.

A soaring success, sans turbulence—this top-flight event proved that a defunct Berlin airport can indeed provide a successful takeoff. Just call in satis&fy to handle the check-in.

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