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Event support for VidCon in Amsterdam

satis&fy Event Productions B.V. Builds the Bridge for VidCon to Europe

ComiCon and GamesCon are two iconic public gatherings – and now VidCon is growing to become one of the biggest conferences within this newest facet of entertainment trends. Over the past 7 years in the US, VidCon Anaheim has grown to attract 30,000 + creatives and fans of Video-Clips and Blogs in California.  This April (2017), the event successfully expanded into Europe for the first time, bringing the production to the local exhibition and congress center - RAI Amsterdam – a perfect location for the expected 5,000 guests.

“Creating an event for something so wildly diverse and rapidly evolving is an impossible task, but we attempt it anyway. And we do it with excitement, because we believe that online video is the most important cultural force since the motion picture. We are in the very early, defining moments of an extremely powerful global force.” 

The VidCon team - led by Technical Producer Geraldo Lopez - began the process by seeking a partner with an international background.  A partner capable of understanding all angles with the ability to implement the goals of the conference concept, plan and technique -- all in a timely manner. Project Manager Thanos Souliotis from satis&fy Event Productions B.V. made the initial contact to satis&fy through the AV Alliance ( Winning the contract against 5 competitors, satis&fy ultimately received its biggest contract to date for the Dutch office.

“With satis&fy Event Productions B.V. we have found an experienced international partner who is not only supporting us to get along in this new geographical environment, but satis&fy has also laid down an impressive appearance for the concept and the performance. As a One-Stop-Solution company they have everything needed to make an event like this perfect.” said Lopez. Souliotis and Lopez defined all budgetary planning -- along with satis&fy Technical Director Thijs de Bock and Scenic Director Edu Deringer.  An event concept was created that complied with the VidCon Europe ideas in terms of technical requirements -- keeping in mind the younger demographic.  This also included the supply of video and camera operators, lighting, scenic, audio and video support for the live productions in the evenings. In two short days and nights satis&fy managed set-up, rehearsals and fine tuning and the first VidCon Europe opened its doors in Amsterdam, April 8.

“satis&fy was able to premier itself as an international, established, experienced live-entertainment company. With branches in Europe and the United States, we know the similarities as well as the differences, we know how to use time differences optimally and productively,” said Souliotis – speaking to the challenges of working globally.  “Furthermore, as a One-Stop-Solution company we are able to coordinate all necessary services from only one source.”

In total, over 70 satis&fy B.V. employees from the company’s scenic, audio, video and lighting departments -- along with consultants and specialists, worked tirelessly around the clock to finish the demanding installation and work with the live-panels, live-acts and live-recording sessions. VidCon is planning to be back in Europe in 2018, preliminary discussions are already in process.


About VidCon

VidCon is the initiator and organizer of the biggest event for and about the online-video-community worldwide. The VidCons are THE meeting spots for fans, professional video-producers, video-amateurs and significant VIPs of the branch. The original VidCon, meanwhile called VidCon US, was founded by Hank and John Green. The number of participants increased from 1,400 in 2010 up to over 26,000 in 2016. VidCon Europe debuted in April 2017 and VidCon Australia is also slated for this year.  More information at

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