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Flexible OLEDs

New devices always inspire – and every time something arrives, the geeks from satis&fy Video Services are ready to unpack, install, test and watch -- with an increased heart rate, of course. The best part is testing what’s possible, what else is possible  -- and then discovering even more possibilities! That’s our elixir of life. For most of the electronic products, the scope of application is already specified by the producer.  But with the dynamic minds on our satis&fy team -- that doesn’t mean a lot anymore.  As soon as the goods arrive in our hall -- our boys and girls want to break new ground.  We are capable of defying all angles with these technologies – and we do things with these products that others won’t do. In short, we continue to have fun.

This may sound a bit playful, but for some producers it has a deeper meaning which should not be underestimated. Smart users (just like our people), can approach the limits of new products to discover certain related dynamics that may have never been discovered before.  For instance – take the: LG 55EJ5C wall paper OLED. This new technology was released only a couple of weeks ago and now we are testing out the range of applications.  By doing so, we can offer not only the predictable, but also the unexpected application possibilities (which no one else has yet considered ) to our clients.

With LG  - we already get along very well on all technical levels. It began about one year ago as I had a look around at the ISE and came around to the LG exhibition stand. Interestingly, I was sort of already expected and consequently, the conversation immediately became serious.  Initially, we discussed the Ultra Stretch Displays, we had already experimented with - and achieved success. 

LG has always had an innate feeling for extraordinary application possibilities for their products believing that they are sexy  - and this matches well with satis&fy and we can build upon it. Another example of how well this works was also shown with the OLED Wave. Right now, we are the only ones on the market who have this display in stock. The multi-part, two-sided display in waveform looks brilliant and has some great functions. The only problem: The primary set-up time was five days, carried out by qualified employees of the producer. We didn’t want to make our customers wait for so long so we created a substructure including Flightcase on which the Wave can be transported – completely mounted! Additionally, special packaging is used to transport the display without any damage.  This is how we navigated a fixed solution – transformed into a mobile display installation. A bank customer liked our solution so much that we built the whole thing one more time and sold it to him.

Another LG Project is the IntelliFridge (Link), a beverage refrigerator that uses a display as door. When you are nearing the fridge, the door turns transparent and one can see the content even before opening it. Originally, this content was system-resident, which means that there was no possibility to show other contents. However, we wanted to have variable designs depending on the particular event where we build up the fridge -- Corporate Branding or integrating any other relevant content. The project shows that LG has full confidence in us when we access the hardware. They helped us to install a signal input for the door display which enabled us to present any content we like. It is even possible to use the door as notebook display for spontaneous presentations.

And now, we are coming to the newest OLED product from LG, which is sold under the name ‘Wall Paper OLED Signage’. This innovative display just entered the market. At 4mm, it is extremely thin, has a flexible form, and offers many ideas for innovative applications within the framework of events, presentation events and live entertainment.

On the event market, we are the first ones with this technology and with this leading-edge position to continue to push the boundaries of the capabilities of this equipment.  We see it as our responsibility to find out exactly where the positive qualities are, and therefore want to discover the future application possibilities.  We then implement these advantages in innovative applications that continue to fascinate our clients. Integration into already existing constructional architecture and alternative installation possibilities will be two major topics of discussion moving forward.  Our team of experts continue to define where we need flexibility and formability, and where we can make proper use of it or apply it effectively on projects.

In the framework of this process, we regularly exchange ideas with LG since they continue to be interested in the way we as users see the application possibilities, and what we can come up with creatively to genuinely instigate the WOW factor. There is still a lot of testing and experimenting to be done – and the first event where the new technology of the LG OLED Wall Papers will convince as an innovative highlight – will certainly be in the near future. 

Francesco Elsing
Global Director Video Services


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