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Guests in the spotlight: satis&fy assists the Pret a Diner pop-up concept in Berlin

February 11 sees the opening of the 66th Berlinale. A lot of movie highlights await the audience over the next two weeks. Movies can only exist through the audience. The same applies for restaurants. The catering company Kofler & Kompanie had a similar thought and decided to adopt this idea and explore the capabilities. The pop-up restaurant Pret A Diner in Berlin now has their tent set up at the Berlinale and has placed “the audience” at the center of this successful concept. The initiator Klaus-Peter Kofler together with the main sponsor Audi AG brought, among others, satis&fy AG on board for the technical realization.

Kofler converted an empty old building in Berlin Kreuzberg into a restaurant over a period of three weeks. satis&fy planned the complete power supply and the lighting for the kitchen and catering areas. It was a particular challenge to distribute the power necessary for all the planned kitchen equipment (fryers, convectomats, dishwashers) and the additional satis&fy equipment on the building electricity available.

satis&fy managed to achieve a subtle warm restaurant and lounge atmosphere in the main and neighboring rooms as well as the foyer, using small Fresnel lenses and LED moving heads. An appropriate sonication out of L’Acoustic Kiva and SB18 was set up for various live acts. The foyer and neighboring rooms were furnished with the E series from d&b and were acoustically connected to the main room.

Projectors and speakers were installed to the ceiling of the stairway of the first and second floors in order to make the walk up to the third floor, on which the restaurant was situated, interesting for the guests. The walls of the stairway were arranged with content created by a 3D artist. Guests were handed 3D glasses at the entrance on the ground floor, in order to see the art.

Pret A Diner will run until February 27th.


Photocredit: Andreas Bohlender /

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