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HITACHI UHD/4K braodcast camera technology

satis&fy AG has added the Hitachi SK-UHD4000 compact 4k broadcast camera to its pool of rental equipment—the first native 2/3-inch camera available worldwide to deliver 4k/UHD images at up to 60 frames per second. The camera does not require special lenses or excessive light to capture sharp images.

“This camera is predestined for use in live 4k productions,” notes Francesco Elsing, the head of satis&fy’s Video Department, commenting on the decision to invest in this new gear. Equipped with newly developed 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors, the camera is also able to send HD and 4K/UHD signals separately. “The latest technology is of no use to us if it can’t be reasonably deployed in our working environment. Hitachi understands this and has ported UHD/4k technology to a product that also allows the highest image quality to be delivered under challenging conditions in the event industry,” says Elsing. He points out that satis&fy is very proud to be the first provider on the German hire market to offer this camera set. “And with that, we are closing the gap between 4k video output, processing and capture at an acceptable level of technical complexity.”

Arnold Tonhäuser, head of Sales Broadcast and Professional Video at Hitachi, is equally eager to praise satis&fy. “We are glad to have found in satis&fy a customer who is willing to look beyond the conventional in the search for innovative products, and will not be impressed by ‘the standard’. satis&fy knows how to offer customized solutions to clients and implement them. This often requires an unconventional approach, which the company handles with great professionalism. One link in this solution chain is our SK-UHD4000 camera, which makes it a lot easier to put ideas into practice. satis&fy is an outstanding reference case that exemplifies how technology can be used skillfully to achieve the best for the customer. And we are happy to support the company to do this.”

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