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If speech Is silvern, then lecterns are golden

“If it doesn’t exist, then we’ll just build it,” says Franziska Braunbeck, an interior designer with our Scenic department. She’s talking about a situation commonly encountered at satis&fy: The customer has a specific need unmet by anything on the market, or at least not met well. Four years ago, for example, the Frankfurt Trade Fair needed lecterns. Any old pulpit just wouldn’t do; it had to be a well-designed Swiss-knife of a speaker stand with a full-fledged feature set including a height adjustment, lighting, a microphone, hidden wiring, and even a trusty cup holder. It would be nice if it were customizable, equipped with USB ports and afforded easy, fast access to cables. And it had better look sharp, real sharp, and be tough enough to withstand the rigors of the road. In a nutshell, it had to be unlike anything else out there and better than the best to be had.

Daniel Klein, head of the Production department, has heard requests like this before and knows how to respond. “First our designers start brainstorming and drawing up ideas. Then everyone—carpenters, electricians and planners—collaborates closely to come up with a CAD rendering that provides a blueprint for a prototype.” That sounds simple enough, but there’s a lot more to a one-stop solution than that. All the contributing specialists are in the same building, so they have every requirement covered from day one. And functionality is never sacrificed at the altar of design, nor does utility come at the expense of style.

The lectern was a rousing success. It proved to be such a big hit that this piece of furniture for hire became an object of desire: The Frankfurt Trade Fair bought 43 of these nifty reading stands for orators to lean on. Franziska also learned to love the lecterns. It’s not without pride that she sings their praises: “Special requests are not a problem. We can attach an LED backlit logo panel up front or coat it in special finishes. It’s like a very flexible modular system. The lifting column is remote controlled! A preview monitor can also be installed. On top of all that, it stands like a rock on its steel base.” So does this little marvel have a name? “Not yet,” says Franziska “but we’re working on it.” There’s a reason for this. It’s not just the Frankfurt Trade Fair that has its eye on the lectern, which is why the department decided to start selling it. It’s available to anyone seeking a sophisticated, customizable piece of technical furniture for the stage that is handcrafted in Germany and assembled by actual humans. This svelte lectern marks the beginnings of a vision for a satis&fy-branded furniture line. So what else is possible? Franziska already answered that question: “If it doesn’t exist, then we’ll just build it.”

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