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"It was definitely the right decision!"

Four new apprentices got off to flying start with their fledgling careers at satis&fy last week, with spirits running as high as the toasty summer temperatures at the production company’s Werne offices. Three are training to become event technicians and one has her sights set on a career as an event manager.

The four junior staff members were welcomed aboard on August 1st by instructors Dirk Holzhäuser-Herz, Laura Sichelschmidt, and senior apprentices. The initial introductory week was devoted mainly to orientation and briefings on the company’s organizational structure, working methods, and philosophy.

“After a general briefing and a round of introductions, we always kick things off with a rally through our office buildings and warehouses. This lightens up the mood and gives the new trainees the opportunity to start networking within the company,” says Laura Sichelschmidt. The newbies’ initial shyness had largely been dispelled by the time the traditional cookout was held on their first evening with the company.

“We were given a warm welcome and were allowed to help plan projects during the first week on the job. I even went along for a preliminary inspection of the premises for an upcoming event,” gushes 20-year-old Christina Ebmeyer. Hailing from the neighboring town of Bergkamen, she is training to become an event management assistant.

After his first week on the job, Christopher Lemke, 25 and an aspiring event technician from Münster, is confident he chose a fitting career path. “It was definitely the right decision for me.”

This week the four newbies will be heading to the satis&fy headquarters at Karben in the state of Hessen, where they will meet fellow new apprentices from the company’s other locations.

The Werne branch is currently training eight event technicians and four event management assistants. Twelve event technicians and three event management assistants have successfully completed the program since 2002. There would have been many more if it were up to Laura Sichelschmidt, which is why the Werne HR team is making every effort to headhunt suitable talents. “Unfortunately, this year we only received around 60 applications. That’s an all-time low,” says Sichelschmidt. It’s also surprising because the company has so much to offer. “Many artists prepare for their tours in our rehearsal studio. But more than anything else, it’s the great diversity of the events that we handle—everything from rock concerts to corporate general meetings and large fairs—that makes our programs so interesting. Trainees get out and about even in their first year of training—they may even be deployed abroad.”

“Furthermore, almost everyone in satis&fy’s workforce is crazy about soccer,” she adds with a wink.

Photo (left to right): Tom Ressing, Christopher Lemke, Christina Ebmeyer, Stefan Wacker

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