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Let’s Have That Trophy!

satis&fy Nabs 2016 CoC Award

The bailiwick of the Giessen Friedberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce is big—bigger even than the entire state of Saarland. Some 630,000 people, 190,000 of whom are gainfully employed, and 43,807 companies call this region home. When the CoC set out to honor the best of its members, we took the plunge and filled out the forms that would pit us against illustrious companies such as fellow award-winners Somack Fertigungstechnik GmbH and the Schunk Group. The CoC wanted to know all about satis&fy’s operations, performance and standing in the region. Our chances looked slim given the stiff competition, but that didn’t deter us from taking a shot. Lo and behold, in late 2016 the mailman dropped by with a little surprise—a letter from the CoC. There it was in black on white in bold italicized letters: The 2016 CoC Business Award in the field of services & commerce goes to—drum roll, resounding trumpets and a clanging cymbal—satis&fy!

An invitation to the award ceremony and gala shindig was part of the package. This was a refreshing departure from our usual song and dance, as we normally stage, rather than take center stage at, such events. So company founder Nico Ubenauf and satis&fy staffer Sebastian Hofeditz, Corporate Development’s Renata Thoma and Leif Erik Wilhelm, and MarCom’s Katrin Fougeray put on their Sunday best and set off for Gießen. Nico Ubenauf and Sebastian Hofeditz, each accompanied by a staffer, took the stage to be interviewed by the popular FFH radio presenter Evren Gezer. CoC CEO Dr. Matthias Leder gave a speech in our honor. Forgive us for sounding smug, but those words of praise from the people who know a good company when they see it went down rather smoothly.

The jury was impressed. Mr. Leder spoke about our commitment to cultural and social causes over the years, sponsorship of regional events, and efforts to support the young. He said that our 60 apprentices, 30 of whom are training in Karben, go to show that we take responsibility for integrating young people into the workforce and society. These efforts earned us the nomination, as did other qualities that aren’t necessarily standard in every corporate culture, for example, our green-minded outlook on the use of energy, resources, work equipment and materials. Our company also outscored rival enterprises by earning big points for our family-friendly and innovative spirit. The judges admired our range of event services and praised satis&fy for “prevailing in a fiercely competitive market.” After Matthias Leder wrapped up his accolades, Nico Ubenauf was presented with a stylish glass trophy, an award that he promptly dedicated to “my team,” which he said made satis&fy what it is today. All award winners were featured in short video clips. Ours may be viewed on our Facebook page. We took home more than just an award and a beautiful trophy. Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr’s stirring speech is sure to resonate for some time to come. And our desire to win more competitions is here to stay.

Photo: Andreas Bender

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