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Lightshow in the garden of the giant

satis&fy realizes a light festival made by Swarovski Kristallwelten

The “Garden of the giant”, a wide and spacious park landscape is an attraction for visitors that surrounds the Swarovski Kristallwelten art museum. The landscape was designed by André Heller and became the center of a very special festival. The 20 day long lasting happening (January 30th - February 19th 2017) presented extraordinary, worth watching installations formed only by light and sound. The artist collective phase 7 performing.arts was responsible for the whole creation. The members of the collective are Björn Hermann (Björn Hermann lichtdesign), Sven Sören Beyer (Artistic Director), Frieder Weiss (Visual Art) and Christian Steinhäuser (Music Director). StudioNOW Berlin realized the project managing the production. The satis&fy AG was chosen for the technical execution. The company had worked for the Austrian specialist for crystals in the past already. Crucial to the decision to choose the technical service provider were the high demands of the task and conception as well as the quality of the used material and the special dealings with it. It was not just about providing technical equipment for some exhibition hall but to equip a four-hectare wide park with more than 800 different lamps and light sources. Used were numerous ASTERA AX3 and AX10, that were wirelessly controlled via a LumenRadio Sender system.

The “Wall”, a 300 meters long rampart at the left side of the park was equipped with 56 Clap Paky Mythos lamps – a difficult project as the whole park lay under a thick layer of snow and all spots had to be installed theft- and water-proofed in six meters distance. A bit further and sharper against the sky 20 Clay Paky Supersharpys shot there light from the top of the englased “Spielturm”. A Laserfabrik Lasersystem was installed 20 meters above the ground on the tower, too.  A local crane specialist lifted the material to secure the water- and windresistance on a challenging and leveling construction of suspension elements. They printed beautiful images into the night sky that could be seen over very long distances and combined themselves to the starting point of the whole art installation. The light installation was programed and installed over days in a close cooperation between the light designers Björn Hermann and Sven Beyer and satis&fy.

Technical Equipment between frost and moisture

The weather conditions were a very special challenge during the 12 days lasting construction site. Not only the Crew but especially the technical equipment suffered from temperatures in the range between +5 degrees by day and -20 degrees by night. There were six stations placed around the park that controlled the distribution of electricity and signals. They had to be secured from moisture and Rackheizungen had to be place next to them to level the temperature on a certain degree. It was a big challenge for improvising talents to handle the frozen and stiff material.

Perfect interaction of Light and Sound

To create a perfect and mystical artpiece the composed music had to be attached to the programmed light show. The soundfile was synchronized via timecodesignal with the lightsystem (HOG4). In the end it seemed as if the music’s composer orchestrated the lights over the Kristallwelten for 20 Minutes. The visitors were seen astonished and with open mouths. There were snow white soundtowers installed that complemented the normal system. They harmonized very well with the snowy landscape. During the soft opening, two days in advance the team was able to lay some finishing touches on the installations and up to two service technicians stayed at the scene during the whole festival to guarantee a flawless program. Everybody involved into the production – technicians as well as designers – were satisfied in the end. Adding this satisfaction to a pleased customer, astonished visitors and bright as well as artistic Swarovski Kristallwelten we can state: mission accomplished.


Photos by Sandra Sommerkamp

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