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Mapping in the city!

From September 28th to October 4th, St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt became the backdrop for the 25th anniversary of the German Unity and was decorated with words from the East and West. Initiators of the “Wortfusion” campaign, concept artist Peter Zizka and the Markgraph atelier, set the stage for the media events at the public building by order of the Frankfurt cultural department. The building mapping was implemented by 4 high performance projectors from the satis&fy rental park. This was the first use of the new Christie Boxer projectors which made their world debut in February and that have recently enriched the satis&fy Equipment Pool.

Daily between 21h00 and 23h00 word combinations were visible over a long distance on the external façade. The façade was thereby natively decorated with 4096 x 2160 pixels at a frequency of 60 images per second. The feed computer was run on vvvv Software. In order to ensure one week of operation, the complete system was built up in a redundant design. The new Christie projectors were the first choice for Francesco Elsing, Global Director of Video Services. “The Christie projectors are the most compact in their class and with 30.000 ANSI lumen brightness at a pure 4k resolution, they are the undisputed benchmark in the class”, says Elsing, delighted about the new addition to the warehouse.

The lighting and sound engineering also came from satis&fy. The interior of the church and the façade were illuminated by Mythos spotlights from Clay Paky. satis&fy turned to the audio technology of d&b and Kling & Freitag for the acoustics on Paulsplatz – the sound design originated from Jan Mayerhofer and Sebastian Hohberg.

Photos: Torsten Zimmermann Fotografie (

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