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Thousands of ravers and techno fans flocked to the Dortmund Westfalenhalle for the 22nd installment of MAYDAY on April 27th. The fitting motto for this year’s edition was ‘Never Stop Raving’. The crowd partied the night away and well into the next morning on the venue’s five floors. The event agency i-motion had tasked satis&fy AG (satis&fy) to provide lighting, audio, and video support for two of the floors, the Empire and the Mixery Casino, as well as design the stage for the Empire.

A stellar line-up of DJing deities such as Sven Väth, Carl Cox and Len Faki drew nearly 10,000 techno fans – and that was just to the Empire alone. “Obviously, that kind of line-up of artists calls for truly professional support,” says satis&fy project leader Heiner Schiemann. So satis&fy set up an L’Acoustics six-point V-Dosc speaker system to provide plenty of sonic clout to cover the 3,000 m² floor. Lighting equipment operators Roland Aberle and André Nordhoff relied on mainly Robe products, including 25 Robe Colorspot 2500s, 44 Robe ColorWash 700s, 11 Robe LED Beam 100s and 17 Robe LED Wash 600s. An eye-catching backdrop behind the turntables featured 24 white 3D honeycombs made of stretch material. Another 20 honeycombs were flown over the dance floor—each illuminated by a Robe LED Beam 100, four Robe ColorWash 2500s, a Robe ColorSpot 2500 and four BB4 units.

International luminaries such as Moonbootica, Keinemusik and Dominik Eulberg lit up the smaller Casino with playlists that pretty much ran the gamut of electronic music—so satis&fy rolled out an equally bright and shiny lighting rig featuring 16 Robe LED Wash 600s, 14 Robe LED Beam 100s, 12 Robe ColorSpot 2500s and 8 eight Atomic 3000s, to name just some of the gear. Operators Ruben Küster and Lars Falkner agree that, “These days, an event of MAYDAY’s magnitude can’t be staged without Robe gear.”

An L’Acoustics’ V-Dosc line array, supported by 16 SB28 bass bins, shook the Casino’s 1,000 m² floor with big, booming beats. Kaj Rössner from Giant Optix had designed the set.

It wasn’t just on the dance floor where satis&fy cut a fine figure—the crew also looked sharp with the support it provided for peripheral areas, for example, the PA used for the promoter’s press conference and the presentation of Karlsberg—MAYDAY’s main sponsor. The Mixery Casino floor was named for one of this firm’s products. Beyond that, satis&fy set up and illuminated the merchandising stands. The artists’ lounge’s evocative lighting also went to the company’s credit.

While the last party guests drifted out of the Dortmund Westfalenhalle at 9 a.m., 28 satis&fy technicians remained until late in the evening, packing up all the gear. By that time, the techno family had surely achieved a few hours of shuteye.

Photo ©: Ralph Larmann

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