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On the Set & on the iPad

Party Rent, a furnishings hire firm known for its edgy event design, has been doing business throughout Europe for 25 years. Recently it came up with a novel way of presenting its offerings at the Best of
 Events (BOE), Dortmund’s international trade fair for experience marketing. This exhibit managed to capture the spirit of these digital times and distill the essence of the enterprise’s offering with a refreshing blend of physical and virtual displays that treated visitors to an experience as vivid as it was compelling.

Planwerkstatt tasked satis&fy to help conjure the right vibe for this innovative set. The crew decked out the stand with the rigging, lighting, and AV gear, and extended its reach into the digital domain with 33 iPads. The portable devices were integrated into the stand. Some looked to be floating free in front of walls and exhibits; others were placed in the frames of bistro tables and on pillars. Most were strategically situated to provide information on the adjacent exhibits. Several afforded access to Party Rent’s entire portfolio via the company’s app. Visitors were free to tour the evocative stand, which was partially roofed and equipped with dimmable lights. Guests seeking advice or info simply reached for one of the iPads or turned to a member of the team staffing the booth. The trend at trade fairs is to get innovative with the presentation. Augmented and virtual realities offer plenty of options to that end. Name brands, especially, are eager to experiment with AR and VR and embrace digitalization for marketing purposes. The budget for digital activities at trade fairs is growing, with virtual media adding a hip touch to the conventional marketing mix. Whereas VR applications supplant reality, AR enriches it with added information. The real world remains visible and experienceable to users as they interact with virtual elements, which at a trade fair like the BOE can be digital catalogs, mobile apps such as the Party Rent app, and special presentations in social networks. Another example is the Party Rent Instawalk, where keen Instagramers could explore the two-day Dortmund fair on foot and document their impressions by tagging their pics with the hashtag #BOE17.

Ambrosius Messebau, a subsidiary of the Nüssli Group, designed and built the stand in 2015. Made up of 80 by 80 by 80 centimeter cubes, its tall pillars were certainly an eye-catcher. Sited in the middle of the exhibition hall, this showcase somehow managed to compress the Party Rent Group’s offering into an area of 378 square meters. One of the biggest exhibits at the Best of Events show, it included a bistro, a section furnished with high tables, and a gallery framing the stand.

satis&fy installed 55” screens in the conference room to conjure an unusual mix that blended a state-of-the-art designer stand with the ambience of a TV den and cutting-edge AR presentation formats.
iPads also enabled the technicians to tweak the speaker system separately for every area of coverage.

Photos: Party Rent



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