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Positive Mid-Year Results

In the first six months of the ongoing financial year (1.10.2015-31.02.2016), the event service provider satis&fy from Karben was able to finish with a turnover of more than 40 million euros. Compared to the first six months of the year before, the company has shown a growth of 28 percent. Therefore, the company, which accomplished a revenue of 70 million in the last year, exceeded the forecast for revenue and profit slightly. Chairman Nico Ubenauf is pleased about the even-spread growth over all of the regions. In Europe, the revenue increased by 15 percent and in the USA by 65 percent in the first half-year. In the U.S. the positive financial development was generated through various big implementations of Nike events, including the brand events Lunar Epic, Air Max, and National Team Kit in Nike Town New York. The realization of the FIFA Interactive World Cups in the Apollo Theater in New York also had a positive impact on the financial increase. In Europe, satis&fy could register a good revenue—and job income level; here the event for IG Metall in the Festhalle Frankfurt and the productions for KIA, SAP, HP, and Smart had made a positive impact on revenue development.

For Ubenauf the positive development is a result of a consequent international orientation of the business. “We invested a lot of time and effort in the restructuring of the company in the last year and pushed the networking of the different locations. That pays off, especially in enterprise-wide projects.”

The teams achieved something great in the first months of the financial year. Ubenauf is proud of their performance. Looking ahead to the next half year, the chief executive is confident. “We will continue with the strong development from the first half in the next half year, and we have a positive attitude towards the ongoing financial year,” says Ubenauf. With the upcoming Rio Olympics in mind, the director of satis&fy is expecting additional revenue dynamic.

Copyright Foto: Anna Imm Photography

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