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Refugees: satis&fy members provide aid and help people to help themselves

satis&fy is committed to the community, the environment and the future. This is what our mission statement says. Our company has always been highly dedicated to providing responsible and ecologically correct events in combination with social commitment. And truth be told: It's not really that hard to do something meaningful if you just take a good long look around you. The refugee crisis has become part of the daily routine and will certainly not vanish into thin air any time soon. So, instead of complaining, something has to be done to help and inspire. This is why the group has decided collectively to turn the festivities at our Christmas parties down a notch this year. Instead, we wanted to support campaigns that needed a helping hand. Because, if it's one thing we've got, it's manpower and material. For instance, we provided event furniture we no longer used due to signs of wear and tear or monitors with slight scratch marks. Plus, we wanted to help where it was actually needed.

No sooner said than done. In the Netherlands, our staff performed a genuine little miracle by converting a container into a common room at a nearby refugee shelter. Out with the dreary tristesse: The drab room equipped with beer tables and benches was turned into a prime example of coziness with just a few simple means. With the help of some residents, our staff refurbished the seating and tables. A laminate floor was installed and so were lamps. Couches, carpets and a television added the final touch. Refugees can now come here to meet, talk or simply relax.

satis&fy also provided support for actions at other locations that our staff had researched in advance with its personnel, know-how and event furnishing. We went to Friedberg on December 17. There, a former employment bureau was being turned into a shelter for underage refugees unaccompanied by an adult.  The shelter currently houses 55 young people, some of whom had to endure severe hardships to even make it to Germany. We helped make the refugee shelter a more pleasant place to live by donating furniture and plants. We also provided workshop equipment for woodworking and bicycle repairs, seating and lounge furniture, cabinets, television monitors for schoolrooms, laptops and desktops, basketball hoops and soccer goals as well as a music system and several X-Box consoles. Not just satis&fy staff were there to unload the trucks and assemble the furniture. The young residents, hailing from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Eritrea, also contributed actively. For instance, they are now responsible for replacing the defecting tabletops with the 40 new tabletops that we provided and to put up the basketball hoops.

And on December 17, another Karben-based satis&fy team provided a helping hand at an emergency refugee shelter in the Frankfurt district of Kalbach. Various clamping frames were shipped there that now serve as partition walls between the beds of the refugee families staying there to provide them with at least a little bit of privacy. At our workshops in Karben, the clamping frames were assembled and covered with leftover material in no time. 18 dedicated members of staff worked "behind the scenes" to make sure that everything was ready on Thursday for shipment and assembly in Kalbach.

In Bruchköbel, satis&fy is currently helping to build 30 winterproof wood cabins that were provided as sets by an external supplier. The wood cabins are to provide further accommodation to refugees currently still living in a multi-purpose hall. The first ten cabins are scheduled to be ready by January 4. We helped particularly in the assembly of the floor, wall and ceiling elements.

Employees throughout all of our subsidiaries responded to our call for help and united in solidarity to provide aid to the refugees. Not everyone was able to help, which could predominantly be attributed to the great deal of work that had to be done during the pre-Christmas season. But nevertheless, the desire to help was there, for which we give our staff great credit.  We might not be able to change the world, but we have at least provided a small and sincere contribution to democracy and humanity, with our own hands and things that we can do without. These campaigns boosted team spirit, but that's not all. Every employee summed up their personal thoughts on the aid campaign. Because as the saying goes: Helping others is always a means of helping oneself.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed, because as Cicero once said, "No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks".  

Thank you to all our dedicated helpers who chipped in on-site. You made sure everything got to where it was supposed to be. Thank you for being there. You showed no reservations, became a part of the team in an exemplary manner and always had a smile and something nice to say.

Thank you Heidi Bierwirth, Benjamin Schulz, Paul Lederer, Mehmet Gürbüz, Katharina Lux, Pejman Kahlily, Halil Yildiz, Murat Körük, Florian Panitz, Ansas Romahn, Luis Kannengiesser, Patricia Hannes, Sezayi Bayram, Tobias Pietsch, Mareike Bock and Fabian Samland for your work behind the scenes. You turned the impossible into a reality, working your fingers down to the bone to make sure everything worked. Thank you! 

And many, many thanks also to Imkje Wies. You are not just an unbelievable organizational talent, you stay calm and collected in the face of utter chaos and stand firm with the reins in your hand. Bravo! Daniel Klein and Mareike Bock provided invaluable help in this respect as well. Thank you too for your commitment and dedication! 

But we're not done yet. A huge thanks also to Fabian Samland. Your design for the bike stand in Friedberg is a true benchmark.

We would also like to thank Uwe Kannengiesser, Marcus Stadler and Renni Thoma from the bottom of our hearts for managing projects of such magnitude.

And our final thank you goes out to the company Partyrent from Ober-Mörlen and the Karben-based garden center Decher, for their support on-site with furniture and plants.



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