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Samsung UD55D multi-display system
Brilliant multi-display system with high brightness and integrated 4K processing

55 inches (139cm) diagonal, a native Full HD resolution (1080p) and a brightness of 700cd / m².
The technical data already gives an idea about the potential of this innovative system. Due to the low border width of less than 2mm, image-to-image gaps of just 3,5mm are possible.

The homogeneous overall impression of this system is encouraged by newest panel technology: TFT-LCD with full area Direct LED-backlight provides uniform illumination over the entire display.

Thanks to the integrated video matrix processor, the system can operate with a minimum of external periphery. Display-Port Loop-outs allow the chaining of up to 100 displays without an additional signal distribution. The Powerful video matrix processor internally splits signals on up to 10×10 displays.

Sure, the connectivity of these displays is absolutely up to date: The display port input supports up to 4K signals and feeds eg natively a 2×2 display wall. Automatic input switching with definable priority provides a high reliability.

Of course, the system comes with the famous Samsung SOC (System On Chip) Player, which allows an internal media playback and integration into existing Samsung Digital Signage systems.

Sophisticated Easy Frame Stacking System
Our UD55D display always comes in a set with Easy Frame stackers. This proven system allows a smooth and extremely efficient installation with outstanding adjustment possibilities. As a standing wall, walls with 4 displays in height and any number of displays in width are feasible. In a flown setup even up to eight displays in vertical is possible.

We will be happy to advise you on the various configuration options and welcome your unusual ideas!

Specifications UD55D:
- Image diagonal: 139cm (55 ")
- Panel Technology: TFT-LCD with full area Direct LED backlight
- Resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixels, Full-HD natively
- Brightness: 700cd / m²
- Contrast ratio: Up to 10,000: 1
- Weight: 24Kg
- Connectors: Display Port 1.2 (up to 4K), 2x HDMI & DVI-D, VGA, Composite, Network, USB 2.0

Photo: Samsung

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