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satis&fy appointed to distribute NEXO products

NEXO has announced the appointment of satis&fy, one of Europe’s leading full service companies for event production, as a new distributor in Germany. The two companies have been working together since satis&fy invested heavily last year in NEXO STM modular line array systems, as well as the latest compact line array GEO M6.

The appointment is a logical step forward in the developing relationship.

“We’ve been increasing our sales business over the last few years,” explains Martin Ramrath, head of satis&fy’s audio department, who will be handling NEXO sales. “To stay true to what we’re doing, as well as to the market, we are only selling products that we’ve tested successfully in our rental business. As we believe in NEXO as a good partner and manufacturer of high end technology, it’s the next logical step to also represent their products. NEXO’s ranges have many applications across a lot of different market segments. Besides live entertainment, we see a lot of potential in the fixed installations market, and we’re working on some interesting projects at the moment.”

Reinhard Steger, NEXO’s sales manager for Germany, extended a cordial welcome to satis&fy, saying, “In addition to joining our distributor family, satis&fy’s role will also include working with NEXO as one of our development partners, providing valuable input into new product designs from a wide range of possible audio applications.”

Satis&fy has already been collaborating on an exciting new NEXO range due for imminent release. The new distributor has such faith in the range that it placed a large order for the products before they had even been prototyped.
“We’re looking forward to using these new loudspeakers, which will offer the smart features we need to cover our wide range of jobs—from live entertainment right through to small conference meetings,” continues Ramrath. “The people at NEXO are all very open minded and always try to listen to their customers. It’s a real pleasure to work with them.”

Founded in 1993, satis&fy employs more than 450 staff worldwide, and has built up a reputation for handling a full range of projects, from corporate events through to the biggest festivals and tours. Offering everything from lighting, audio and video support through to scenic and interior decoration, furniture, graphics and signage, exhibit construction and custom builds, the company also provides design, logistics and inventory management services and operates workshops and programming studios.

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