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satis&fy invests in Barco E2

Since 3 months, it is the best kept secret in our halls. The E2.
Since October, the successor of the legendary Barco Encore video
mixing system is for beta testing in our test rooms for endurance tests .

Just in time for Christmas, we can now finally talk about it and proclaim
the good news: E2 IS HERE!

When it comes to the processing and distribution of high-resolution
video signals in the live environment, there was hardly any way around
the Barco Encore system.

Due to the high scalability of the system in conjunction with an excellent
availability in the network of professional rental houses the devices of
the Barco encore lineup became a constant without example .

After years of successful use a generational change happens.
The brand new Barco E2 system provides unequaled processing power
and outputs ultra-high-resolution image signals up to 4K (UHD) at 60 frames
per second and 4: 4: 4 sampling at a color depth of 3 × 12 bits.
In other words: Sharp, colorful and large.

Due to the individual configuration of input and output cards now many
scenarios can be realized in a “one-box” design.

Fully assembled a single E2-processor provides:
- 32 inputs
- 8 program outputs
- 2 multi-viewer outputs
- 4 scalable AUX outputs.

This means less hardware, less interfaces and more space for other things.
If needed, the system is expandable with extra processors, scalers als matrix routers.

We are pleased and proud to offer this highly integrated system as one
of the first providers in Europe and the United States!

Photo: Barco

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