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satis&fy presents world premiere

A display of a very special kind.

Everyone can do straight, big screens, LG Electronics (LG) thought and created something new: a screen that is simply not straight.

The LG Quad dual sided Wave Display is a “state of the art”-screen, which makes use of some special OLED-technology characteristics. OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays have through their construction the ability to be very flexible without breaking or downgrading the picture quality.

This technic is now ready for the market and with the Wave Display the business demonstrates the big potential of Curved-OLED Screens. 8640 x 3840 pixel create, already over a short distance, a high definition image.

Content from the build-in player or extern sources can be projected on the display. At the same time both sides can be controlled independently from each other. “The strong, saturated colours and a contrast from one to infinity let the pictures shine and are a guaranteed eye-catcher at every event.”, satis&fy Global Director Video Services Francesco Elsing says thrilled.

The satis&fy AG has added the Wave Display in their rental fleet as the first company worldwide. “We are happy to show interested customers the advantages of the Wave Display on the model and explain it more detailed in person.”, Elsing mentions.

Infos can be found in the satis&fy Video Service

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