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satis&fy supported state party conference

NRWSPD: #NRWir together with the event service provider satis&fy to the state party conference

„Making politics – that’s what it is about “. This was one of the key messages of the North Rhine-Westphalian SPD at the state party conference on February 18th at the exhibition center in Duesseldorf. Since 2017 the set-up up in the event rooms of the NRWSPD has been the core topic for the event service provider satis&fy.

The NRWSPD is the biggest state association, therefore the halls for nearly 500 delegates, up to 400 visitors and often over 100 journalists must be big enough. Despite of these dimensions Lighting, Audio and Video are not the biggest challenge as satis&fy says. It is more interesting to see the realization of the 24 m stage (or better the 280 sqm scene surface). Like the years before, the demands regarding the design for the event came from the creative agency Butter from Berlin, who was entrusted by NRWSPD before elections in the past already. And there were not one but two to be considered: State election in May and parliamentary election in September.

„Event-architecture and scenic projects are our specialties, we have a lot of experience and great creative potential”, says Dirk Holzhäuser-Herz, Managing Director satis&fy AG Hamburg, who oversaw the project. „The NRWSPD is one of our loyal and appreciated clients for the past 16 years, and we have had a lot of projects together with creative agency Butter before. Projects like this are characterized by intense communication and full exchange of ideas, this isworking perfectly with all involved parties such as service provider and client”, says Holzhäuser-Herz.

The tricky details that you will come across in this project may not be obvious at first glance but they require a lot of consideration and fine tuning. To fulfill or better to exceed client’s expectations the design of the stage background in this major scale can only be realized by fabric printing. Compared to print products you have to focus on different productional aspects with this technique. Dirk Holzhäuser-Herz: „A shade which seems perfect on the screen, can disappoint when large-scale printed on fabric. Even though it is the same shade per color scale. Fibres behave different than paper or foil. Cotton behaves different with ink trappings and effects as synthetic fibre. Identifying pitfalls and options can save a lot of time and stress."

Thereby the experience of the satis&fy employees take effect as well asthe smooth tuning between involved specialists, which is only possible because of the companys’ one-stop-solution.. Not to forget the creative input.

Regional chairman Hannelore Kraft and André Stinka, general secretary of the NWRSPD, are aware of the long-time, trusting cooperation with satis&fy and appreciate it: „We are doing this together with satis&fy for the upteenth time, we know each other very well, they know what we want and we know that we can trust in the fulfillment of our expectations when it comes to the design of the stage, because everything fits perfectly into the context of our election campagne.“, says André Stinka.

On March 25th, the SPD state delegatee conference 2017 will take place at the exhibition- and conference center in Muenster.The NRWSPD-member and candidate for the chancellorship will attend the meeting, too. The hall Muensterland will be, just like the exhibition center in Duesseldorf, prepared for this event by satis&fy together with the creative agency Butter from Berlin.



The SPD North Rhine-Westphalia (official shortened NRWSPD, official full title Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), state association North Rhine-Westphalia) builds with 110,000 members the largest party of the SPD. Since 20th of January Hannelore Kraft is their chairperson, position of General Secretary is hold by André Stinka since 2012. At state parliament, the SPD builds with 99 delegates the largest fraction. Since 14th of July 2010 they set up the prime minister. More information at

Photos: Marcus Simaitis


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