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satis&fy supports Berlin Atonal

The calendar read 1990 when the Berlin Atonal Festival was last held in the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin Kreuzberg. Now, 23 years later, the legendary music event is back.

The revival took place in the nation’s capital July 25th through the 31st, with the rejuvenated festival “for new methods in sight and sound” finding a new home in a defunct heating plant in Berlin Mitte. satis&fy AG was on hand to provide technical support. According to satis&fy project leader Beate Jaschik, the sprawling industrial complex, with its thick concrete walls and lofty ceilings, “couldn’t have provided a more fitting venue for the festival.” It didn’t take much in the way of preliminary consultation to determine that this gig would require a very complex setup with sophisticated audio and lighting systems.

40 artists took to the stage over the course of six days, wowing audiences with experimental sounds and extraordinary lighting and video installations. satis&fy not only furnished the setup—it also accommodated the individual artists’ wishes, working hard behind the scenes to keep the show rolling along.

“It was really very special to be a part of this production—particularly for us as a partner of the Berlin Atonal Festival. No musician was like the other, and it was fascinating to see the audience immersed in this special kind of musical world and awed by this impressive location,” says Jaschik.

Photo: Beate Jaschik

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