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satis&fy supports the Hamburg rehearsal studio Wilhelmsrock

The Wilhelmsrock rehearsal facility ( - Infoflyer PDF) has enjoyed the backing of satis&fy AG Werne (satis&fy), a company known for its excellent live entertainment and touring support since early 2010. The studios are located on an Elb river island called Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. “We were excited about the idea of providing a place for talented young artists and bands to prepare for tours in Hamburg, where rehearsal space is rather rare," says satis&fy’s managing director Andreas Drees. A driving force behind the project, Drees joined Peer-Arne Böttcher, the head of the Hamburg Business Club, in investing money to equip the rehearsal studio. Furthermore, he spent time promoting the project on the local music scene.

The original rehearsal studio had been set up to provide a place to practice for a band called Revolverheld; the band had long been searching in vain for a suitable rehearsal facility. It was Coopers and Drees who ended up finding the right place at a former industrial complex at Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. The isolated spot is far removed from urban life, providing the perfect setting for loud music. The new location has already become a mainstay of the Hamburg music scene. Roger Cicero followed Revolverheld’s example, and many other lesser known bands have also honed their acts there in preparation for tours.

The facility offers the ideal conditions for rehearsals. The rehearsal room, fully equipped and soundproofed, shares 90 square meters of floor space with a lounge area, a kitchenette and a small bathroom. Storage options for materials and equipment are available on the grounds. Another smaller 50-square meter rehearsal studio with a lounge and kitchenette is located in a separate building complex. Drees, who brokers rehearsal rooms in many other German cities such as Berlin and Mannheim, knows what bands need to run through their set lists. After all, satis&fy runs Studio 20/20—a rehearsal facility at the company headquarters in Werne. Many celebrated artists such as Culcha Candela, Farin Urlaub and Fantastische Vier have literally gotten their acts together there. Drees sees Wilhelmsrock as an affordable place for aspiring young artists to hone their craft. This type of collaboration gives satis&fy opportunities to grow with the bands and musicians who practice there.

Artists are flocking to the new rehearsal rooms, which are booked solid for months in advance. Even acts from abroad have sounded out the possibilities of preparing for their tours in the Hamburg studios.

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