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Snake Installation for Bulgari

On the first of June, the Italian jewelry house Bulgari started the opening of their new boutique at the Goethestraße in Frankfurt solemnly. Not only numerous national and international celebrities who attended created highlights. Above the red carpet and the guests, the brand’s symbol floated, a huge “Serpenti” snake installation which was designed according to a draft of jens huebner stagedesign.

A few facts about the impressive construction, which had been designed based on the model of a python: For the eleven-meter long overall construction satis&fy used 660 meters of round steel with a thickness of five millimeters and 3,500 spot welds were made. The head of the snake was 120 centimeters wide, the body had a diameter of 55 centimeters.

The agency LUXURIOUS.THINKING from Munich was responsible for the overall creation of the event and the look feel.


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