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The Most Valuable Resource

 This was to be the start of a short series of articles on responsible resource management. We felt it was time for some straight talk about how we use wood, electricity, paint, and fabrics. Marcus Stadler, the man who’s accountable for Corporate Social Responsibility at satis&fy, liked the idea. However, wood was not the subject he had in mind for our first installment. “We have to start with the most important resource we have,” he insisted. And that happens to be of the human persuasion. Marcus says that CSR begins with the workforce. How right he is. 

Practically every enterprise’s business collateral extols the virtues of its greatest asset, employees. But all the flowery phrasing rings hollow if a company’s commitment to its staff comes to little more than lip service. With ten locations in four countries, diversity is built into our business. We benefit greatly from that multicultural background. The diversity of people from different nations, with different mindsets and lifestyles, is a wellspring of creative ideas and inspired solutions. And that’s exactly what we’re all about. Marcus shares a true anecdote about a Persian coworker spotting a spelling error on a banner that a German and a Turk on ladders were stringing up under the direction of a project manager with roots in the Seychelles. That’s just another day on the job at satis&fy. 

A company that prides itself on showing the True Colours of Events has to have every hue in its palette. Nationality, gender and ethnicity are irrelevant; no one cares if you’re vegan or old-school. “At our company, die-hard heavy metal listeners discuss the last concert’s setup with Helene Fischer fans,” says Marcus, reiterating why diversity is so beneficial: “It can be a lot easier if you have a native speaker to consult when you’re traveling around the world; when you have someone who understands Chinese, Spanish or Russian and can clear up issues quickly and simply.” 

This is why satis&fy promotes the notion of ‘unity through diversity’ with joint pursuits that bridge the cultural divide. People from 24 nations come together and bond over sports (see the previous issue of TRUE COLOURS), communal cooking, company parties, and many other activities. Executive, managers and staff are in complete agreement that there is neither cause nor room for resentment or exclusion. Now that that’s been said, we can talk about wood in the next issue.

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