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The Power Of Love

satis&fy meets Love Family Park

Second of July 9.30pm: Messepark Mainz-Hecht. The sun goes down and heavy bass can be heard all over the place. On the main area the well-known Sven Väth is playing and the crowd is dancing. In total the visitors can look forward to six floors with enough music to party the whole day.

On behalf of Cosmopop, satis&fy build up five of the floors and was responsible for good sound and appropriate light. The crew had worked on building up these floors for three days and provided corresponding sound and light material. three of the floors were equipped with L-Acoustics systems and the other two with NEXO systems.As Front PA, L-Acoustics K1 and K2 systems were put up. Additionally, KARA came into action as Nearfill for the first rows. The deep sounds were produced by SB-28. For two other floors the team used the STM system from NEXO with M46 and B112 as main PA, as well as M28 as Down- and Nearfill. For the bass they used STM S119. The monitor sound for the DJs was generated via ARCS II and SB-28 from L-Acoustics.

For the light satis&fy used 28 of their new Elation Platinum FLX. Furthermore 42 Robe Pointe and 28 SGM XC5 LED Color Strobe found their way to Mainz-Hechtsheim.

The Love Family Park created once again a unique atmosphere to dance and satis&fy is happy to be a part of the Love Family.

Photos: Yannik Farr

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