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Traineeship at satis&fy

Annabelle Bär, trainee event management, about her first job experience

"I am fit for the job now!"

From June 5th  to June 7th  satis&fy was responsible for the implementation of an event for the client Aareon, Europe's leading consulting and system house for the real estate industry, in Garmisch-Patenkirchen. This event has been around for an incredible 29 years with satis&fy as technical service provider for over 20 years. We are not only responsible for the entire technology including LED support, but also for stage construction and stage design. I am currently a trainee as an event manager and in my first year of my apprenticeship. I was a project assistant in Garmisch-Patenkirchen

By the way, the event is a two-day meeting of the real estate industry. This year, experts from this industry, but also from the politic and science industry, dealt with the challenges and opportunities of digitization. On the eve of the congress there is always a Bavarian evening that takes place as a tradition. The guests can get to know each other with good food, small games all this accompanied by a Bavarian band, time to exchange ideas and celebrate together. On the first day of the congress, various speakers will appear, and workshops will take place: lots of innovation, information, but also entertainment. On the last day, guest speakers also had their ad on. This year, former Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and business philosopher Anders Indset did also join the event. All this takes place in and around the Congress House in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Different conference rooms within the congress house were used to create space, as well as a large tent was built in the spa gardens, - those places were served to hold speeches. My colleague who has been attending this event for many years, told me that the weather at the day of the event has not always been nice.  But we were lucky.  It was sunny, and we had amazing temperatures and no sign of cold weather.

My tasks were to support our project managers in the pre-production as well as on site. This was the first time I was allowed to help in the planning phase as well as on site. In the preparation phase I mainly took care of the transport order of the trailers and the crew vehicles. In addition, I had to create a crew rider, which tells the crew: Who is booked on which dates, how long, who is accommodated in which hotel, etc. I also made sure to pass along this info to our agency who books the hotels for us. Finally, I informed the crew about bookings and confirmations.  

On 2 June we arrived with four trailers of material. Almost immediately we began to unload the material and made sure everything gets into the tent, which was already up and standing. Our Rigger began to fasten the suspension points and to set up the trusses in the tent. I helped to sort the cases and made sure everything was placed in the right spot. Around noon our technicians began with the set up. I answered their questions and looked up missing information in our ERP management system in easyjob. 

On the second day, our Scenic Crew, i.e. our booth builders, began setting up the stage and the back wall. I learned that fabric is not the same as fabric and that Molton can wrinkle quite quickly on a stage back wall if the temperature is not right. But our people got this under control quickly. The fabric remained stretched.

After the congress hall, the technology was also set up in various workshop rooms. I was responsible for the GoPro, which we set up at via customer's request to record the setup and the event. From time to time I had to adjust the settings and the position. I was also responsible for the budget of the production and made sure that every driver got money to refuel the rental cars.

At the end of the second day of the setup, all the trusses had to be fully positioned and the adjustments had to be made. Then we had to make sure that all the empty cases were out of the tent- to setup the seating. 

On June 4th, one day before the congress started, the technology had to be fine-tuned. I helped with the system calibration of the loudspeakers, I was also allowed to test the microphones and received many valuable tips from our lighting crew on how to illuminate the various lamps. Between that, I was sent to the next electronics store to get some missing video material. On the June 5th the customer rehearsals took place. During this time, I informed the midday shift about start time and the dress code for the day of the event. During the construction days I had to adjust the crew list every now and then, because there were crew changes. Also, the hotel had to be informed about the changes. In the evening the “Bavarian event” took place, where the project managers were also invited. I was also allowed to join them. 

The actual event was on June 6th. During the event I already created the hotel list for the next year. Our customer had pointed out to us that another event would take place at the same time next year and that the hotel was looking already pretty booked. At the same time, I could also listen to the speeches, which was very exciting. I personally found the speech from Anders Indsets very refreshing.  

On June 7th, the last day of the congress, we started to dismantle right after the last lectures. I helped out across all trades and checked that all the finished cases were pushed towards the exit so that the first trailer could be loaded. On June 8th the last three trailers were loaded. After closing the last trailer door, we went home. My task now is to collect all necessary receipts of the crew and to make the production cost account. 

All in all it was a great experience for me to be part of a bigger event for the first time and to get a picture of what it means to be part of a project team. It just felt good. I was allowed to help and tackle a lot. The event also helped me with my technical skills, as the technicians really took a lot of time to teach me his knowledge. I think that this is ultimately what differs the training as an event management assistant at satis&fy in compare of other companies, technology simply plays an important role in our everyday event life and event planning. It is better to understand it.

This experience gave me a good overview on what I can expect in the following years. From the second year on I will be able to supervise my own projects and be in direct contact with customers. With the experience I have been able to gain, I know what to expect. I am fit for the job now!

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