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True scents –
satis&fy and the Duftstars

The festive presentation ceremony for the Duftstar Awards, the German perfume prize, took place on May 12th.

The prize is awarded by the Fragrance Foundation of Germany. Numerous celebrities from TV, movies, business, politics, and the media walked down the purple carpet at the event, which was held under the motto: “The Power of Fragrance!” The award ceremony included a dinner and after-show party, and was once again moderated by powerhouse Barbara Schöneberger. The band Culcha Candela added musical flair to the evening. satis&fy handled the technology and provided plenty of manpower for the event. The company equipped the award ceremony, one of the most important galas in the German-speaking world, as a technical service provider for Vaterblut GmbH. Vaterblut handles idea, strategy, concept, and implementation for numerous events. satis&fy also provided the splendid decorations for two stories of celebrations. A total of six semi-trucks filled with materials were constructed inside the old Berlin thermal power plant.

On the ground floor, satis&fy rolled out the purple carpet, a total of 1,000 square meters in size, and set up a 120 square meter press backdrop. We also positioned a variety of lamps. We installed a temporary stage made of layered elements – a total of 60 tons of steel – for the award ceremony on the top floor of Kraftwerk, creating plenty of space for the 800 guests. 48 Platinum FLX footlights from Elation, recently added to the company's materials pools, and 26 Impression X4s by GLP, were used on the stage lighting concept. satis&fy used Expolite battery-powered spotlights, Castor 2000 Fresnel lenses, 6 bars of Par 64 spotlights, and zoom profilers to create a glamorous atmosphere in the dinner area on the top floor.

Jürgen Mertens, satis&fy Project Manager, expressed his excitement about the event: “The Duftstars concept was impressive, right down the line. The location selected for the event couldn’t have been better. The energy of Kraftwerk added to the whole evening. And our collaboration with the agency was simply perfect.” 


Photos: Jonas Janczyk

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