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Unify’s 2013 brand launch

When Siemens Enterprise Communications transformed into Unify on October 15th, satis&fy AG (satis&fy) and EL-J Productions staged the high-profile event in Munich—streaming it live to New York and out into the rest of the world.

satis&fy erected the tent, built the set, and provided lighting, AV and intercom equipment. All furniture was also sourced from satis&fy.

The event was held inside a 30-by-45 meter tent on the Siemens grounds, decked out in colors matching the company’s new corporate identity. satis&fy set up a 13.5-by-6 meter stage inside the tent to serve as a platform on which the new Unify management team, headed up by CEO Hamid Akhavan, would present the new brand. The company’s Scenic support unit also constructed a 30-meter wide, CI-branded backdrop with recessed channels, integrated rear-projection screens addressed by two 21k projectors each, and a 15-square-meter LED screen at its center. Employees in the back seats were able to catch all the rebranding action on 55’’ monitors set up around the tent, as the firm ushered out Siemens Enterprise Communications and adopted the Unify brand name. satis&fy deployed ARRI Fresnels and Vari*Lite VL 3500 spots to illuminate the stage. Robe’s bestselling new Pointe and Robin 600 LED WashLights provided the lighting effects. Robe WashLights also served to light the tent. The satis&fy crew rolled out a GrandMa 2 console to control the lighting rig, set up a d&b PA for sound reinforcement, and furnished Shure and DPA microphones.

The largest challenge for this gig was connecting the two locations in Munich and New York. satis&fy provided all the equipment required for satellite transmission, with a bidirectional feed sending images and audio both ways. This was a complex production requiring a sophisticated intercom—so satis&fy opted for a Riedel system with four transmission channels to connect more than 22 stations. This move enabled the Munich crew to coordinate with New York and ensure the broadcast went smoothly and seamlessly, with no dropouts. All images and audio were streamed exclusively via Internet.

The company was determined to keep the event under wraps, so preparations were hush-hush. The effort paid off, as the positive response would attest. According to satis&fy CEO Nico Ubenauf, the tight security and the eight-week planning window posed the biggest challenge.

“The team spirit and our amiable, solution-minded collaboration with Unify and el-productions were extraordinary. The new name was to remain top secret until the event, but the team had to come up with so many sophisticated solutions in connection with the name and the live communication, so a whole new challenge was presented. Everyone involved had a great time handling it,” says Ubenauf. He believes the company’s business model was the key to this success. “Our one-stop solution is perfect for handling events as complex as this,” he adds.

Photos ©: Unify

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