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What Exactly Does Life Sound Like?

As a production company, we’re accustomed to putting a little polish on real life. Our business is all about the glamorous side; it’s our job to magnify the moment, to amplify the action, to doll up the drama, to cast everything in the best and brightest light. On occasion, though, it seems that there’s more to it than just show biz glitz. Sometimes it’s all about empowering a cause, about setting the stage to get a message across.

With this in mind, we were happy to pitch in with a 2011 festival benefiting Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V., a children’s  cancer fund. Headed up by Janna Rupprecht, a 19-year-old cancer survivor, the association’s youth group was already tackling this task with an enthusiasm so infectious it felt more like a force of nature. So satis&fy dispatched its apprentices and provided background support for the youngsters’ efforts. That marked the beginning of a wonderful success story. Every year since, volunteers have joined forces to stage Sound of Life, a festival meant to celebrate the joy of living. 
Taking place on a horse racetrack in Frankfurt-Niederrad, this gig is a get-together for kids with cancer and their loved ones; for those who beat the disease and for friends and relatives of those who lost the battle. Every installment is a family affair with a bouncy castle and plenty of opportunities to chill out, shoot the breeze or say it with a silent hug, and to dance to the grooves and revel in the raucous music. This year’s gathering offered all this and more. It was the first time that bands played two stages, and it was also the day that organizer Janna’s wish came true with Echo award winner Jupiter Jones appearing as a headliner. 

Janna did not see the band perform in front of a record crowd of more than 2,000. It’s a festival tradition to commemorate the departed with a white dove. That afternoon, a bird also took to the skies in memory of the festival initiator’s Janna Rupprecht. The disease had returned, and she passed away three weeks after the 2014 festival. It took a collective effort of the entire organizational team, with Janna’s partner Patrick Link serving as satis&fy’s project manager, to fill the void that she had left behind. 

It was a difficult task, but good work was accomplished as everyone who enjoyed that day’s carefree outing would agree. And yet the festival will not be repeated next year. In every success story, there comes a time to take stock of the situation. Should the event grow even more at the risk of compromising its spirit and purpose? Or is it time for something new? While it’s true that the German soccer association aims to build an academy on the racetrack grounds, the location’s availability won’t factor into the decision.

The break isn’t all bad news, though. One way or another, satis&fy and Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder e.V. will keep collaborating. We’ll be happy to keep furnishing lighting, audio and other support for the association’s bigger Frankfurt gatherings. Other events are in the works. And even if none is called Sound of Life, that joyful noise will continue to resonate in the cancer fund’s initiatives.

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