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Working at satis&fy

Jan- Niclas Runde, trainee in the field of forwarding and logistics services at satis&fy in Karben

I am Jan, 24 years young and a part of satis&fy since 2015. That’s almost three years now. The time is running by so fast here. This year, I will finish my apprenticeship and then I am officially a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk.

The tasks of our department are very diverse. On the one hand, we calculate the transport costs for any means of transportation and transport size, from small transporters to several containers via sea freight. But also, the maintenance of the trucks and company vehicles belong to our field of activity. Nevertheless, the actual main task is the disposition and planning of the vehicles to bring the material safely and quickly to the desired destination. It doesn’t matter, if that is within Germany, to some place in Europe, or oversees. One thing is for sure: in this field, it doesn’t get boring, since there are new and exciting challenges every day.

The way to satis&fy

Why I chose this apprenticeship? In fact, I am fascinated by any means of transport from childhood on. Only later, I realized how important they are in our everyday life. Consequently, it became clear to me that I really want to learn more about the processes and procedures in the background. In the end, this was exactly the reason for choosing to work in my current professional field. Through the Internet, I found satis&fy and their apprenticeship possibilities and directly made an application. Before that, I wasn’t familiar with the company. After I had applied, I was invited for an interview - my first one ever - with other competitors. To be honest, I was pretty excited. As I noticed how friendly, funny and open all employees are, my fear disappeared quickly. Already one week later, I got invited to do trial work for two days to get to know the team and the daily work. I liked the trial work and also the interaction with each other. That’s why I didn’t wait for too long, took the chance and accepted the apprenticeship offer.

Important characteristics: curiosity and open-mindedness

Of course, they are some characteristics which one should have as an apprentice in the field of forwarding and logistics services like the ability to work in a team and reliability. Furthermore, one should not be afraid to take matters into their own hands. I think that this is the most important: to be open for new things and simply have fun and be keen on working in this field.

Transfer of theory into practice

The structure of my apprenticeship is actually very easy to explain. Two days per week, I am at the vocational school in Frankfurt. The other days, I work at satis&fy in Karben. I like this structure, because we are able to transfer the theory into practice promptly. Of course, not all of the apprentices are in the vocational school in Frankfurt. It depends on where they complete their apprenticeship.

Varied and for sure never boring

During my time at satis&fy, I had already many special experiences and projects. My personal highlights were two big events this and last year. The first one was in 2017. For two and a half weeks, I was involved at the set-up for the World Climate Summit in Bonn, where I coordinated the deliveries on-site as logistician. The other big event was just recently. The new Lufthansa brand logo was supposed to be launched and I was allowed to organize the deliveries and the pick-ups at the airport in Frankfurt for two days. These were two really big projects, which shows that you get entirely involved in any events as an apprentice at satis&fy. Here, every day is different. But no matter how stressful it is, at the end of the day you always go home with a good feeling, because you know that you contributed with your own work to the success of an event.

Personal conclusion

What I really appreciate about satis&fy is that everyone gets integrated into the team directly and is seen as full-fledged employee. Here, everyone is equal and in case you have any problems, you will always find someone who has an ear for you. If you feel like working in a great environment, you’re not afraid to accept challenges, you’re ready to excel yourself and simply have fun to work with a crazy team and in an exciting industry, then satis&fy is exactly what you have been looking for. I would decide to complete my apprenticeship here every time again. That’s why I am really glad that I got offered a job at satis&fy after I will have finished my apprenticeship here.

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