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Exhibit Construction & Technique, Retail Solutions

Brand Experience

Trade show appearances are the pinnacle of live communication. No other form of event combines product innovation and emotional appeal as skillfully as the trade show stand. It allows customers to expand their personal contacts, cultivate existing business relationship and boost their brand's advertising appeal.

In staging the visitor's experience, it is necessary to skillfully interweave the design of the space with elements meant to orient the visitor, combining architectural and media elements in a coherent manner. Implementing this concept requires specialists who can do this to perfection.

Whether you want a stand which perfects interaction with your customers through interactive elements and multi-touch solutions, a trade show presence which allows visitors to experience your products emotionally with great ease or one which follows an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable approach, we design trade show stands of the highest quality, combining technical know-how with outstanding architectural craftsmanship to create a coherent overall aesthetic concept.

We will work with you from the start. You set the story line and we provide the solution, with all the steps that come in between. We think dramatically and our implementation is innovative and creative, while staying within the limits of your budget.

In exhibition spaces, showrooms and brand spaces as well, the equipment and architecture have to match, and fit together in such a way as to ensure that the emotional message conveyed by the product is received by the target audience. Our shop designers will work closely with you to develop and design interactive worlds, digital display windows and unique furnishings. In this way, new compositional forms are constantly being developed, based on the latest trends in retail, shop design and shopfitting: always up-to-date and state-of-the-art.

Are you looking for a highly unique, extraordinary design element which brings out the multi-layered world of your product in optimal fashion? Then come talk to us. We will work with you to develop exhibits which are customized to your specifications. 

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