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Location Services, Preferred Partnerships


As large as the event mix is, so is the demand for attractive and unique locations. Old factories, abandoned movie theaters and former department stores and engine sheds are converted into event venues, with a new event-specific purpose.

These days the demand for attractive, distinctive venues to host the most diverse events is overwhelming. To meet this demand and treat you and your customers to a smoothly orchestrated event for everyone to enjoy, we operate a string of venues and offer comprehensive Location Services tailored to your needs.

Often our brief is to convert defunct factories, disused cinemas, shuttered department stores and decommissioned engine sheds into venues suitable for staging thrilling events. Established venues, in turn, ask us to assist them when they wish to invest in high-tech equipment and multimedia installations to provide the infrastructure customers need to showcase their brands.

Our skill-set covers every aspect of location and technical facility management from end to end. And that is why various venues have chosen us as their Exclusive Partner or Preferred Partner.

  • We advise you on investments in new equipment, building services engineering, and smart room-in-room solutions with custom interiors and furniture. When we say we design, build and operate solutions, we mean we're there for you every step of the way, from the inceptive conceptual stage until installation is complete and all systems are go. And you can count on us to keep them up and running.
  • A team assembled to meet your needs and specifications handles all the management, maintenance, repair and action planning tasks for the event and building technology, to include technical inspection and acceptance testing.
  • Our investments in infrastructure and equipment afford you access to the latest event technology, thereby lightening your financial burden and making it that much easier to stage excellent events.

What all this means to you is this: We'll explore every option and work out each detail to put your visions into practice. And we'll push the envelope of what's doable to make it happen. Our experts collaborate closely with our partner venues, so they know every nook and cranny of these rooms and how to surmount any spatial and technical challenge, no matter how complex it may be. Our ability to stage events smoother, faster and with greater precision benefits your customers and your business.

Many of the venues we serve as an Exclusive Partner or Preferred Partner are located in the events hotspot Berlin and in greater Frankfurt, continental Europe's biggest financial hub.

These and other Berlin venues count on our technical services:

  • WECC
  • Museum für Kommunikation
  • Museum für Naturkunde
  • Motorwerk
  • Kraftwerk
  • Classic Remise
  • Adagio
  • Admiralspalast

The venues we serve in Frankfurt include some of the city's hottest locations:

  • Batschkapp
  • Gibson Club
  • ZOO Gesellschaftshaus
  • Fredenhagen

The Fredenhagen and its captivating industrial charm merit special mention. Over 100 years old, this factory site provide stunning backdrops for staging all kinds of events and showcases.