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Buying new equipment is always a hard decision. Did I get the best possible terms? Could I also lease the same equipment? Will I be getting adequate support for all technical problems? And above all: did I make the right equipment decision?



Our many years of experience in the events sector, our good relationship with many well-known manufacturers and our large order volume allow us to secure good terms and purchasing advantages and give you access to "cutting edge technology" at fair prices, whether you order a micro or a complete system. 


Our promise to you

We will only sell you products which are safe and reliable, which we believe in one hundred percent and which we use ourselves. We will train you in user questions and organize product training sessions and workshops at your offices or ours. In addition, our experienced crew is available at any time for a constant exchange of experiences, professional to professional.

Thanks to our strong industry contacts, we are always well-informed about all technical innovations and improvements. Side-by-side with you, we will determine your optimal requirements and advise you as to which product is best for you. With satis&fy, you can lease or buy technical equipment, or become a "cross-rental" partner.




Distribution partner

Over the course of many years in the event industry, we were able to develop excellent ties to many distinguished manufacturers:

  • L-Acoustics
  • Yamaha Commercial Audio
  • Sennheiser
  • Neumann
  • Beyerdynamic

The leverage that comes with our high-volume orders gives us considerable buying power, so we are able to negotiate prices with vendors rather effectively. And we are happy to pass our preferential terms on to you in the form of good offers. As a cross-rental partner, you are welcome to take advantage of our large product offering whenever you wish. Although it is sizeable, there is a lot more that sets us apart from other companies.

Authoritative advice and assistance is yours for the asking before any new equipment is bought. And we can do even more to support you: We can conduct training, product demos and workshops, brainstorm new ideas and approaches for your rental operation with you, and furnish experts to lend a helping hand. Join our network.

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Used Equipment

satis&fy has one of Europe's largest material stocks in the event sector, always up-to-date, and always with the times. We have everything in stock which is of importance in terms of lighting, sound and video equipment, going well beyond the standard repertoire: from conventional spotlights and LED products, mixers and control consoles, wireless systems, beamers and projectors to high-performance sound systems. 

But sometimes we have a little too much of everything in our warehouses, as we renew our material pool regularly. And so we have to part from some of our gear, still 100% fully functional and technically impeccable through careful and intensive maintenance and permanent quality checks.


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Our own products

If the proportions of a device are not right, if more handling flexibility is needed or if performance requirements are extraordinary, we rely on our own developments, rather than the standard. If devices which meet our special requirements are not available on the market, we will take action ourselves and design and manufacture new products based on finished components or partial systems.

Or we will reinvent the wheel entirely. What this means is that you will be getting a product which is not only technically flawless, but one whose high degree of individuality and innovativeness will make people talk, since the people behind it know something about their work and have an immense wealth of experience. 

Any questions about our own products?
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