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4k building-sized projection mapping

Karben 2014

4k building-sized projection mapping

satis&fy AG’s Video department put on an impressive display of its projection mapping capabilities on the walls of its headquarters in Karben on March 12th, 2014. This event marks the first time worldwide that high-resolution video was projected at 60 frames per second in 4k format.

Client satis&fy AG
Date 12.03.2014
Services Video Custom Builds
Museums & Culture

Two prototype Barco native 4K projectors were used to achieve this impressive feat. “These high-performance projectors are still the only two in this class to be able to render 4k technology uncompressed at this high a frame rate. And we didn’t even know if we’d be able to get them until the event was just a week away,” said Francesco Elsing, who heads up satis&fy’s Video department.

This left the satis&fy Video team with only a few days to make the mapping happen. A little outside help would go a long way with a schedule as tight as theirs—so a team of external and internal creative staffers was quickly assembled under the direction of multimedia specialist, Christine Lyschik.

The job was to develop content for the projection at the Karben headquarters. 

The result was impressive, with striking 3D elements and effects in crisp colors and shapes. Video specialists even projected Pong, the ‘70s-era mother of all PC games, onto the facade in 4k. The game was played live on an Atari PC.

“We also wanted to demonstrate the enormous strides technology has made in recent years,” added Elsing.

More than 100 people helped stage the event. The in-house carpentry crew cut out panels to board up the windows. The Sound support unit set up a d&b sound system for the music that was set to accompany the video projection. An Oktokopter filmed the evening show.

More than 100 customers, partners and industry experts made their way to the Dögelmühle to catch the ten-minute extravaganza, and many traveled directly to Karben from the Prolight + Sound fair. Inside the building, a collection of items waited to captivate the attention of visitors, including a foosball table equipped with four cameras to capture the game and feed the images to a single monitor.

satis&fy also presented a 98” Samsung 4k prototype—one of the first commercially available four-camera setups, affording visitors the opportunity to compare it to current HD and SD systems. 

The d3 media server also attracted a great deal of attention. “The d3 system enables us to make the most of our creative possibilities,” said the head of the image and video department with unbridled enthusiasm. “The system lets our customers preview the pre-recorded show, which is a great advantage because the server can then play exactly the same content back 1:1 on site.” The projections were also mapped to the building using d3.

That’s not all there was to see; audiences also admired a spherical projection created by satis&fy for the Senckenberg Museum’s special Planet 3.0 exhibition, interactive lounge furniture, and the new 95” Samsung screen.

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