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satis&fy Puts Up a Pop-up Store for Dom Pérignon

Dom Pérignon Pop-up-Store

satis&fy Puts Up a Pop-up Store for Dom Pérignon 

Client Bernicken.Luxurious.Thinking
Date 06.09.2016
Services Lighting Audio Video Logistics Exhibit Construction Custom Builds Graphics Project Management
Brand Experience

Dom Pérignon welcomed its patrons to an exclusive, if ephemeral, four-day showcase at a select location. House no. 11 is on ­Maximilianstrasse, a storied stretch of luxury shops on the royal ­avenue that runs from Munich’s National Theater to the Bavarian state parliament.

Dom Pérignon: This brand embodies the definitive delight of ­champagne. The edition that goes by the name of Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage captures that elusive energy of pure plénitude. And an agency that goes by the demonstrative moniker of Bernicken.Luxurious.Thinking joined forces with Dom Pérignon to create a concept for satis&fy’s Munich crew to put into practice. The outcome was a stylish pop-up shop.

The location, a 500 m2 retail store, was an inspired choice. It was transformed into a trendy in-place with a little makeover in the way of an ingenious room-in-room-installation. The brief was to harmonize the product and its showcase, striking the perfect balance ­between wine and ambience in a symphony of good taste.

The location was quickly converted into a pop-up store that looked nothing like house no. 11’s regular occupant, a boutique called POOL Store. The installation’s ebony walls were as dark as the ­bottles’ trademark obsidian. The gilded trim and accessories shimmered as seductively as the label’s gold lettering. The setting sparkled like the brut inside.

No detail of this ‘luxurious’ design was left to chance. The consoles’ faced panels gleamed like pearl-black caviar. The inky fabric spanning the polished Plexiglas panel’s frame conjured a look as smooth and slinky as black velvet. The charcoal bottle display counter echoed the striking contrast of dark night and champagne-tinged light. Shimmering wall-mounted LEDs spelled out the German words for ‘The Intensity.’ The iconic Dom Pérignon label emblazoned across OLED (O for organic) screens, TransScreens and backlit Plexiglas broadcast an equally powerful brand message.

‘Sound showers’—in-ceiling directional speakers—picked up on the pulse of the showcase to pump out percolating rhythms. The crowning glory was the Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage tunnel. Visitors stepped through a gateway—a precision-milled silhouette of this number-letter combination—and into a tunnel-of-love tribute to the P2 experience. All in all, it was an eminently memorable presentation of an exquisite bottle.

German concept artist Michael Riedel masterminded part of the ­installation. The Frankfurt-based art luminary had designed the Dom Pérignon Limited Edition 2016 showcase, which featured an ­enigmatic marble monolith containing a bottle of Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage.

The opening soiree was a sparkling affair. Hipster bloggers, notable journalists, and Munich’s movers and shakers graced the spirited get-together. The champagne had been left in bottles for as long as it took to mature; now the time was ripe for it to flow. A selection of flavor-paired hot-dogs was served as a side dish. In the ensuing four days, the boulevardiers of Maximilianstrasse could swing by to savor a flute of Dom Pérignon. The setting certainly conjured the right vibe for an enchanting and distinctive experience. Sometimes, a pop-up store is not just a pop-up store, and a bottle is something far more.

Photos: Nils Krüger

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