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ErgoPro Annual Kickoff 2012, Berlin

ErgoPro Annual Kickoff 2012, Berlin

On January 27, satis&fy AG Deutschland (satis&fy) staged ERGO Pro’s annual kick-off event for the second time running. Formerly known as HMI, ERGO Pro is one of the sales units of the ERGO Insurance Group. Last year the venue was the Frankfurt Festhalle; this year the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin hosted the Academy Awards-like event. The 2012 motto was “We’ve Got the Power.” satis&fy, a full-service production company, was indeed tasked to provide end-to-end service. The company planned and staged the event, operated the lighting, audio and video equipment, built the set and stage, and provided rental furniture. The specialists at satis&fy not only designed the stage for the Convention Hall, they provided all services associated with graphics, media production and video documentation. Huge crews of 90 and 125 people were involved in setting and tearing down the props and equipment. It took nine trailers full of material to stage this major production.

Client Ergo Direkt
Date 27.01.2012
Services Lighting Audio Video Rigging Furniture Event Design Custom Builds
Corporate Events

Light and sound for the big show

satis&fy used a combination of show and effects lighting to highlight the awards ceremony, speeches and live feeds. The rig consisted of around 220 moving lights and various LED lamps including Vari*Lite, ROBE, Clay Paky and GLP units, with two Robert Juliat 2550 W follow spots and more than 90 Fresnels providing key support. The rig was controlled using two Road Hog Full Boar mixing consoles and four DP 8000 DMX processors. L’Acoustics and d&b audiotechnik systems, controlled by a Yamaha desk, provided sound reinforcement. satis&fy also handled microphones and the audio production for all speeches and performers.

​round off the stage design

The kickoff event’s backdrop was a widescreen for projections measuring 20 meters across and standing four meters tall. Six Barco FLM HD20 Softedge projectors provided the images. satis&fy placed one PufferSphere each in XXL format to the left and right of the stage to provide added visual support for the backdrop. These interactive, 360-degree displays are three meters in diameter. Equipped with Barco FLM R22+ projectors inside, they displayed catchwords and visual effects to underpin the speeches and presentations. Another PufferSphere in two-meter XL format was placed in the foyer to welcome visitors and provide visuals and text displays to set the tone for the event.

3D mapping
​across 50 meters

The event’s visual highlight was the unveiling of the new ERGO Pro logo. To do this in style, the company set up four Barco XLM HD30 projectors and one Barco FLM R22+ projector to cover full breadth of the 50-meter stage. The images were amazingly sharp thanks to 3D mapping and the pixel-perfect precision rendering. satis&fy video technicians adapted the exceedingly complex, dynamic projection to the backdrop’s architecture, which consisted of three separate, slightly concave screens. Four GrassValley LDK8000 HD camera rigs and an impressive Encore production arrayed in two rows 30 meters in length helped stage the event. Images were streamed using a combination of six Watchout 5 systems and three d3 media servers.

Stage backdrop made of 120 frames and corner pieces

The decorators and set-builders also had their work cut out for them. They had to assemble 120 frames of several sizes and corner pieces to build the backdrop and screen for the front projection. The stage was made up of more than 200 elements. Part of the staircase was rounded, and the molded parts had to be shaped manually. The pedestals for the PufferSpheres were specially made. The PufferSphere in the foyer was framed by two curved panels with graphics printed on both sides. satis&fy also put in place a tensioning frame featuring a digital print for the entrance area. The crew did not have much time to set up, so many elements were constructed with pinpoint precision ahead of the event in the company’s workshops. Then they were put together on site like a giant erector kit.

Swapping out all the graphics

satis&fy’s decorators had quite a task to accomplish after the participants had taken their seats in the 5,000 m² Convention Hall for the first part of the day event. The HMI sales organization was to be renamed ERGO Pro on that day as part of an internal realignment. And satis&fy was tasked to swap out all the visuals outside the hall. In less than two hours, the crew managed to replace more than 200 square meters of graphics, digital prints and decals at the reception and check-in counters, around the rotunda and along walkways. The entire entrance, initially covered in HMI blue, was also decked out in the colors of the ERGO Group. Later in the evening guests could have their picture taken against a photo backdrop featuring the trademark ERGO look.

Fitted furnishings

It was also up to satis&fy to organize the right furniture for the event. The crew equipped the foyer and the Festival Center, which included a VIP zone for the evening event, with lounge furniture – mainly armchairs, sofas, cube chairs, folding tables and bar stools. One large bar was installed in the VIP zone and several in the foyer. The house furniture was used for the day event.

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