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#Nike SB Garage

Skate Park Pop-Up in a Converted Brooklyn Car Wash

#Nike SB Garage

Waxed, buffed and polished to perfection, this former Brooklyn carwash…

Client Nike
Date 06.01.2016
Services Exhibit Construction Event Design Custom Builds Graphics
Brand Experience

Sometimes all the pieces just fall into place. This time the city, the brand, the location and the project came together like a picture-perfect puzzle. It wasn’t by accident that Nike SB’s temporary skate park popped up at a place where everything hip seems to be happening these days. Brooklyn venues are being reinvented and imbued with new life here, there and everywhere. Bars, clubs, stores and exhibition spaces are bobbing up all over the place, buoyed by a wave of passion and creativity.

Focus on the here and now, and let the future take care of itself in good time: It’s with this exciting credo in mind that a former carwash in the heart of the borough was transformed into an indoor skate garage. Kids and young adults have been defying the New York winter since mid-January, sliding, riding and freestyling their way into spring. The refurbished venue’s official opening on January 16 was preceded by a wild Chronicles Vol. 3 video release party with satis&fy handling all the audiovisual services.


The local crew than rebuilt the room, installing an elaborate set designed with the benefit of Nike SB’s insider insights and the skills of the agency Land and See and the construction company California Skate Park. Local icons such as Andrew Wilson, Alex Olson, Cyrus Bennett and Max Palmer have stopped by to check out the park’s diverse banks, concrete ramps and quarter pipes. 

This impromptu skate park may appear impressively off the cuff, but like so many things that look effortless and elegant, it took a great deal of planning and hard work to pull off. satis&fy’s international project team tapped a deep well of skills and resources to make it happen. The crew installed offices and staff rooms, refurbished the entire building, crafted custom furniture such as shoe racks and merchandising displays, mounted touch screens designed with the support of Nike Digital, and set up two handmade benches.



Fluorescent lamps such as LED PARs were installed on the actual skating surface and logos were strategically placed on the walls. A NEXO system with ten speakers and a Yamaha TF3 mixer served up sweet sound to skate by.

The park also provided the backdrop for several high-profile extravaganzas such as the Ishod launch, Nike SB Dunk events, and the Car Dunk on February 14 in honor of the NBA All-Star Week. For the latter contest, a car was hauled into the room and topped with a ramp for contestants to show off their tricks, the wildest winning a big prize. Alas, these thrills will be short-lived with the pop-up park going the way of Brooklyn’s many here-today-gone-tomorrow ­venues. It will be closing its doors in mid-April.


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