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Pedal to the Metal with Hyundai

750 Dealers Celebrate That Hyundai Style at the Fredenhagen

Pedal to the Metal with Hyundai

750 Dealers Celebrate That Hyundai Style at the Fredenhagen

Client MINDACT GmbH & Co.KG
Date 18.02.2016
Services Lighting Audio Video Rigging Staging Furniture
Corporate Events

The Hyundai Pony, the first POV developed in Korea, is a sought-after collector’s item. A 1975 model in mint condition fetches handsome prices upwards of 60 grand. Hyundai rolled out that inceptive model’s fourth-generation successor on the German market in 1991, winning over German customers by delivering a very big bang for the buck with its remarkable quality and modern appointments. Hyundai added yet another selling point to the list when it won the Red Dot and iF design awards. In fact, the cars’ design has been the number one reason to buy since 2013. Hyundai ranks among the world’s top five carmakers. K-pop, K-beauty and K-live may be trending these days, but it was Hyundai’s K-cars that made the first blips on the hipster radar.

Decked out in pictures illustrating the carmaker’s rich history, the 30-meter entrance tunnel to the Fredenhagen hall in Offenbach was a walk down memory lane for Hyundai. This extraordinary venue frequently hosts events staged by satis&fy. This time 750 Hyundai dealers were to gather for their annual Germany convention to review the past year, look ahead to the next, and celebrate the ­present. And there were plenty of reasons to party with over 108,000 newly registered cars in 2015.

Hyundai is one of the top three imported brands in Germany. The press routinely hails models such as the ­Tucson and the i20 as bona fide rivals to established German brands such as VW. Hyundai has laid down the gauntlet for the ­German competition with its engineering excellence, quality, ­reliability and stellar design. It’s also quite the challenge for an event service provider to capture the brand’s spirit of excellence at a major corporate event and convey those lofty standards for all to experience. satis&fy relished the opportunity to live up to these ­expectations. 

satis&fy project manager Joachim Prott says, “We’ve maintained a trusted relationship with Hyundai for years with the Wuppertal agency mindact, and we’re very comfortable in a highly professional environment such as this.” The companies indeed have a great deal in common. Both are built on rock-solid foundations, yet are agile and responsive to emerging challenges. And both are prudent in planning yet adventurous in innovation, as the Fredenhagen event goes to show. It’s hard to grasp what a vast space the Fredenhagen encompasses until you’ve seen its cavernous halls. And they had to accommodate a great deal for this event. It wasn’t just the fittings, furnishings and equipment needed to entertain 750 Hyundai dealers; the halls would also have to hold a lot of emotion. The Alte Stahlbau was stylishly laid out for dinner while automotive experts convened in the Neue Stahlbau. A staircase stage between the two perpendicular buildings compensated for the difference in their levels and bridged the style gap between modern and vintage industrial architecture. The perfect centerpiece for the Hyundai event, it was also the exhibition floor where guests, exhibitors and hosts mingled in a very snug setting.

Space was tight; so tight in fact that it took NASA-like planning and execution to fit everything in. This battle for every centimeter of space was a fitting analogy for Hyundai’s success story in Germany. The brand’s models, strategically placed for effect, were equally apt metaphors for advances in human locomotion. As the participants discussed new visions on four wheels, digital video messages on a 3-meter high by 60-meter long curved rear wall told the tale of the Group’s ascent. The evening show was perhaps even more evocative. With just two hours to tear down the exhibition and set up a proper pyro and laser show, its timing certainly had the satis&fy crew’s emotions running high. But the ­stalwart team nonetheless stuck to the tight schedule. 

Joachim Prott says, “We kept our promise, but not without a lot of passion. That’s the only way to get this kind of job done.” Setting up stands, the stage, catering, bars, buffets, lighting, PA, rigging and walkways may look like a routine chore for a team like this 100 men and women squad deployed to the Hyundai gig, but this coordinated effort among services is the result of a lot of tough training. Hyundai, a main sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, had the original trophy shipped from Switzerland to Offenbach to add yet another winning touch. And what better way really to signify 25 years of Hyundai success in Germany and a truly captivating evening than with the world’s most coveted cup of champions.

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