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Frankfurt 2006

SkyArena 2006

In close relationship with Atelier Markgraph and lighting designer Gunther Hecker, satis&fy’s lighting specialists developed the technical concept for the lighting and controls behind SkyArena 2006 

Client Atelier Markgraph
Date 30.06.2006
Services Lighting Video
Museums & Culture

In addition to lighting for the actual show area, satis&fy contributed its talents to the audience area as well as the life stage on the Untermain bridge. Space cannons Ireos Pro 7KW and 40 Coemar Super Cycs 2,4 KW were used, which were centrally controlled by 19 Wholehog IPC consoles. And therefore, required 19 skilled operators.

In addition to the aforementioned fixtures, several VarliLite VL500 washlights, a variety of fresnels, 50 Expolite PowerLED sticks and multiple other instruments were used for the illumination of walkways and surrounding areas.

At the last minute, satis&fy was asked to integrate a video projection into the show. This involved projecting a live act on a 15 meter wide and 22 meter high area along one of the city skyscrapers. This was successfully executed by using a double twin projection from four Digital Projection LIGHTNING 30sx+ projectors, controlled by four Folsom screen shapers, an Encore system, and three Sony Triax camera systems.

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