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Robin Schulz -
Sugar European Tour 2016

Sugar European Tour 2016

From March 2nd through 11th Robin Schulz and his “Sugar European Tour 2016” traveled through Europe with stopovers in Munich, Vienna, Hamburg and lastly in Cologne. 

Client Neuland Concerts
Date 02.03.2016
Services Lighting Audio Video Event Design
Live Entertainment


Hit-songs  like “Sugar”, “Wrong”, “Show me Love” and “Sun goes Down” as well as remixes from David Guetta, Nirvana and Lost Frequencies made the people dance. satis&fy supplied lighting, audio, video and rigging equipment for Neuland Concerts, which were responsible for the concept and show design.

satis&fy put two trailers of lighting equipment on the road, including: Robe BFML, Pointe, Robin DTS, Clay Paky A.leda B-Eye K20, Martin Atomic 300 strobes and 4-Lite Audience Blinder DWE. For lighting controls, the team chose GrandMA 2, the PA system used was the K2 loudspeaker system by L’Acoustics. To round out the production, the team utilized dual receivers and handhelds by Shure, in ear headphones and wireless systems, which were provided for the artists by Sennheiser. The sound mixing was done by using the Yamaha CL5 Digital mixing console, and the Yamaha QL1 Digital mixing console. Also stage elements by Litestructures were used.

The main focus of the show was the stage design. In Zurich, Antwerpen and Paris, satis&fy provided a 4.8 x 3.6 meter wide LED video wall with a pixel pitch of 8 millimeters. For all the other venues, satis&fy used a 6.4 by 3.5 meter wide LED video wall as a stage backdrop. On the left and right side of the LED wall two other led screens were placed. Also the DJ setup of Robin Schulz was dressed with a high definition LED screen. The width varied – depending on the stage size – between 9.6 and 11.2 meters. For the LED walls, satis&fy used between 64 and 88 LEDitgo sB8 LED modules in total. The switching and video scaling was done by using the Barco Folsom ImagePRO HD. For projections, a 3-chip DLP/DMD projector PT-DZ21KE by Panasonic was used.


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