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It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? We understand that all great events start with an even greater foundation.

After careful planning in accordance to legal and technical specifications, our rigging specialists provide on-site service to ensure the proper and safe installation of all necessary hardware to prepare your venue for its transformation.

Regardless of event size or scope, we’re ready to tackle your project head-on.

From traditional, static rigging designs to dynamic, evolving stage productions that will keep your audience on their toes—our team of experts have an innovative solution on-hand to address any challenge… all while redefining the term ‘impossible’ in your vocabulary.

As part of our services, we:

  • Plan and install trusses and rig equipment in compliance with statutory provisions
  • Plan and construct supporting structures for stages' back walls, projection and PA systems, and every other type of event-related setup
  • Develop, set up and manage kinetic presentation systems
  • Deliver diverse tailored solutions and custom builds
  • Obtain stability certificates and other structural engineering data on load-handling properties, hazard analyzes and the approvals needed to document the safe operation of truss systems and custom builds


  • 10,000+ meters of trussing for diverse types of systems
  • Proprietary transport and safety systems to protect trusses (T-Claw)
  • Some 450 electric chain hoists and peripherals
  • SIL 3 / BGV C1-compliant kinetic electric chain hoist
  • All kinds of cable- and machine-supported vertical access equipment


  • Eurotruss
  • Movecat, Chainmaster
  • Cyberhoist
  • Genie

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