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Flexible OLEDs

satis&fy and LG jointly announce options for using the newest display solution from LG

The advantages of OLEDs have been well-known for a while: rich black, brilliant, precise color rendering from a variety of angles, and no streaking during movements. Event service provider satis&fy has been using LG monitors with this pioneering technology for quite some time at trade fairs and other events. The newest and most innovative product by LG is 55EJ5C. Although it has only been on the market since November, the flexible high-end display is already available exclusively at satis&fy – either as part of a project or on loan.

The first of these novel displays arrived in the satis&fy Video Services technical department in Karben just a few days ago. Before using them in a specific project, we are currently getting familiar with the newest LG product and are in close contact with the manufacturer. LG markets the display as “Wall paper OLED signage,” and emphasizes its malleability. We are hard at work developing new ideas and innovative ways to use the display in events, presentations, and live entertainment.

“We are the first company on the event market with this technology, and we feel our primary duty in this pioneering role is to find out what exactly the positive features of this display are. This will help us learn how to use it in the future, so that we can employ these benefits in innovative applications for our customers,” says Francesco Elsing, Global Director of Video Services at satis&fy. “Integration into existing architecture and alternative installation options will be the two biggest topics – anywhere we can use its flexibility and malleability in a smart or effective way.”

Just the technical data for the “LG 55EJ5C wall paper OLED signage” are already impressive: 55 inch (140 cm), 1920 x 1080 px, 3.65 mm thin, display weight 5.5 kg.

“We have had highly positive experiences collaborating with LG on video technology. They explicitly support us when we want to modify the LG hardware to tap into new applications,” Elsing adds.

Volker Unland, Senior Sales Manager of B2B Information Display at LG, knows the value of this kind of collaboration: “We are inspired by the unbiased, unconventional, and always extremely professional approach that video experts at satis&fy have toward new technologies. Their creativity and ingenuity, which are the results of many years of experience, inspire us to continue developing our forward-thinking display solutions,” Unland says.

Even if all we’re doing right now is putting the display through thorough trials and testing, it won’t be long before the new LG OLED wall paper technology is impressing audiences as a visual highlight in its first event.

About LG

LG's company history has always been marked by a desire to make customers’ lives easier. LG Electronics was founded in 1958, and has been a pioneer in the modern digital age ever since that time. Thanks to the technical knowledge the company has collected in manufacturing household electronics like radios and TVs, LG is able to consistently present customers with innovative developments. LG Electronics has launched many new products and applied many new technologies, for instance in 21st century mobile devices and digital TVs.

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