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Marius Görris Live

Born nearby, trained just 20 km away, stayed put to work for a company with a branch at Neuss - that sounds like the usual biography for a local. School, vocational training and work all within a comfort-zone radius. But Marius Görris was destined for something very different.

Marius recently attended a class reunion. Former classmates swapped stories about where fate had taken them. Not far, it seems. Most lead life in the slow lane. Marius jets around the globe 240 days a year and has some eyebrow-raising tales to tell. He works for satis&fy Neuss as a project and tech manager, supporting clients such as Smart at trade fairs across the globe. Paperwork keeps him busy between expos with all the tenders on his desk and past trade fairs to follow up on, most recently the Beijing motor show. “An office job is not for me. However, I will say that I‘m happy to come home after four weeks in China, for example.“

The Electronics Bug Bites

But back to his local roots: From 2005 to 2008, Marius trained to be an event technology specialist at Lightcompany, which at the time was based in Ratingen. That decision was not taken lightly, pardon the
pun. He interned there and at a local electrical company first. Marius had been an electronics freak since that particular bug bit him in fourth grade. Destiny beckoned, whispering something about being an
event tech in his ear. At risk of another sad pun, he was electrified. Marius had been the AV kid in school, answering the call whenever volunteers were needed to support events there and at the local youth center. The young journeyman was taken on by Lightcompany, initially working as a technician and now racking up many miles on the road as a satis&fy project manager. Most of his accounts are return clients. So, is it business as usual for the Lightcompany crew after the merger with satis&fy? No, it is not.

From Lightcompany to satis&fy

Of course, structural changes were inevitable. Lightcompany did most of the heavy lifting - planning, scheduling, deployment - on its own. Now specialized Lighting, Audio, Video and other Supports
handle a lot of this. With more cooks in the kitchen, you need more coordination to tame the added complexity. But you also benefit from having more expertise on board. You no longer have to do everything
yourself. These specialists keep up to speed with the latest advances in technology and trends. The equipment pool is far larger, which gives you more leeway. This economy of scale also puts you in a better
position when tendering. While competitors may have to buy or rent odds and ends of equipment to fulfill the client‘s needs chances are satis&fy already has plenty of that gear in its far-flung warehouses.

The best Place on Earth

So, where exactly is that? Marius‘s answer is philosophical: “Different continents, different people, different mentalities... and different rules.“ He has seen, experienced and likes a lot of this old world. They say travel broadens one‘s horizon. Marius‘s wanderlust is certainly unfaltering, but he sees enough of the far-flung corners of the globe on the job. Vacations are taken closer to home on the German shores of the Baltic Sea and in the nearby Netherlands. Again, after many weeks in distant lands, you look forward to home and hearth. Who knows, one day there may be a baby on the way. That would make an office job look a lot more attractive. But not for now: “I love the challenge of it.” Bon voyage, Marius.

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