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Meet Green! Show & tell

Our industry is not necessarily known for flying the flag of sustainability with missionary zeal. Around three million events large and small take place every year in Germany. Many sustainability sins have been committed in the past, particularly gluttony when it comes to power consumption. satis&fy has been bucking the trend for years. The drive to do what has yet to be done is deeply ingrained in the company‘s DNA. And we have done a lot in the way of sustainable productions. Reducing and avoiding waste, reusing materials – this is all part of our day-to-day job. Environmental responsibility is set out in our code of conduct. And word about how seriously we take this obligation has long since gotten around.

This is why we were invited to Meet Green!, an “inspiration and discussion forum for sustainable event trends,” to show and tell what can be done. Delegates from midsized companies and local governments sat up and took notice when Marcus Stadler, head of the CSR team, beamed a few facts and figures on the wall. Meet Green! is a project sponsored by klimametropole Ruhr 2022 to support efforts to combat climate change in the state of NRW. Company reps convened at Essen-Kettwig to learn more about workable sustainability practices. And with good reason, says Marcus, because a green event is not only good for the conscience and easy on the budget, but also an image enhancer.

Words are nice, but action is what really matters. This is where satis&fy‘s one-stop solution pays dividends. Every detail has to be considered and every contingency planned for if a sustainable event is to succeed. Each task from design to delivery dovetails with the next. With this in mind, Marcus showed examples of what all the support units have managed to accomplish, including 80% energy savings with LED lights, recyclable organic carpets, locally sourced FSC-certified wood, water-based inks and reusable curtains. The list goes on and on.

Rather than merely pointing to these inspiring examples, Marcus appealed for solidarity: Supply follows demand, and the greater the demand for sustainable events, the more can be done in the way of conservation. He also called for political action: The environment benefits from sustainable practices, and so should eco-minded promoters. Their efforts need to be rewarded, which is why the flat-rate electric bill has no place in venue leases. With arguments like these, Meet Green! achieved what it set out to do by inspiring ideas and prompting discussions. And for some attendees, it was a stunning revelation to learn that sustainability requirements may be stipulated in tenders.

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