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satis&fy Berlin supports Otto Piene's 'The Proliferation of the Sun' in the 'Neue Nationalgalerie'

Describing his artistic credo, Otto Piene said, “I have to admit that I’ve always been happiest in my work when it took a surprising turn.” That’s not a sentiment usually shared by the people whose job it is to hold up the technical end of performance and art exhibitions. But satis&fy is always ready eager to try something new—so we had all the reason we needed to be delighted when Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie asked us to help with a major Otto Piene retrospective entitled More Sky.

The new national gallery tasked us to provide AV support and convert more than 1,100 digitized glass slides into movies for an installation entitled The Proliferation of the Sun that will be part of the exhibition.

The firm has often supported major museums in Frankfurt and handled off-mainstream projects in the nation’s capital, but this was our first job at a major museum in Berlin—and what a special gig it was! Inside the Mies van der Rohe exhibition hall at the Cultural Forum, the recreation of artwork dating from 1966-67 can be experienced every night from 10pm to 3am, until August 31st.

Piene lived to see the exhibition open on July 16, but died unexpectedly at the age of 86 in Berlin just a day later.

satis&fy is proud to be involved in this project.

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