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spaces and satis&fy: a potent pairing

A wholly-owned subsidiary of satis&fy, spaces mgt GmbH provides special venues for special events to customers, particularly corporate accounts. It organizes all event-related services, including catering, equipment, logistics, permits and everything else it takes to stage an extraordinary event.

Pooling their capabilities, spaces and satis&fy are able to cover a wide range of services with in-house assets. And in-house communication is face to face, so no information goes astray along the way. With all the backstage gears meshing smoothly, customers are free to focus on what really matters – the event and its agenda.

spaces’ credo is to make the most of exciting locations with high-tech wizardry, set-building mastery and world-class location management to stage a truly memorable event every time.  The FREDENHAGEN, a heavy-industry relic with a gruff charm unmatched by any chic designer building, is a case in point. spaces has been operating this defunct Offenbach factory since January 2015 from an office located on site. This is where the team goes about its day-to-day business, sets out in search of new venues, negotiates options when customers want to book venues, gets contracts signed and handles countless other tasks. A satis&fy office is also conveniently co-located at the FREDENHAGEN for its staff to coordinate event services and discuss customers’ inquiries with spaces’ staff a few doors down. When the ties between location management and the production company are as close as this, events are sure to go smoothly.

The FREDENHAGEN is a beginning rather than an end. The plan for the next few years is to find at least one top venue near every satis&fy branch for spaces to run. THE FRAME, a future Düsseldorf hotspot with two halls, 4,800 m² floor space and capacity for 150 to 2,000 people, is slated for completion by late 2019. The satis&fy and spaces alliance is pursuing ambitious goals with further venues already on the drawing board.

From old asphalt to new showpiece

In early 2015, the FREDENHAGEN was a basket case of a building in dire need of renovation. Four years later, it is one of the hottest venues in the greater Rhine-Main region and beyond. Location management specialists Lukas Kranz and Robin Giacomucci set the stage for its remarkable rise to the events firmament. They are writing chapter upon on chapter in the success story of this peerless location. Ever onwards and upwards, this dynamic duo is also driving the company’s development with the same steely determination.  

Undeterred by potential customers’ first impressions, Lukas and Robin saw something great in what looked to be a most improbable prospect at early viewings. A case in point: Delegates from a prestigious company dropped by in snazzy business attire just as asphalt cutters were tearing into the hall’s floor. The expressions on these sharp-dressed executives’ faces said it all: How is this dump ever going to host a high-class event? Their misgivings were unfounded. It was open for events by fall of 2015. Demand shot through the roof and has remained stratospheric ever since. The team recruited more staff and the business made a name for itself in Offenbach. Some of its sheen rubbed off on the city, giving its reputation a bit of a lift. All that hard work and resolve certainly paid off.

Happy tidings

Automotive giants, global auditing firms and branded companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises figure prominently on spaces’ exclusive client list. With its Karben headquarters just a scant 30 kilometers down the road, satis&fy is always on hand to provide the event tech. Customers benefit from this close proximity to the FREDENHAGEN. The advantages are not just infrastructural with satis&fy’s across-the-board experience in event tech and set-building being such an invaluable asset. There is always a learning curve with new venues, but satis&fy has the home field advantage at the FREDENHAGEN. That local knowledge benefits customers and their events.

This family-like synergy sets spaces and satis&fy apart. It adds a pinch of fairy dust that lets the alliance conjure enchanting events. Those magical moments awe and excite in ways that resonate with customers and their guests for a very long time to come. Now the team is working hard to bring such spellbinding experiences to venues near satis&fy’s other locations.

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